The NCGE WSG Framework: Junior Cycle

To facilitate schools in utilising the Framework; NCGE engaged with 15 schools as part of a pilot project from January – May, 2018. The aim of the pilot project was to support schools in implementing the Framework in Junior Cycle, using resources developed by NCGE. The pilot project (Looking at Whole School Guidance) employed a planning methodology to explore whole school guidance at Junior Cycle. 

See an NCGE News article regarding the pilot for additional information

The resources, which have been updated taking account of feedback from schools participating in the pilot project, are now available for all schools to use.  These resources, organised in three sections, can be accessed by clicking the links provided in the left sidebar. The resources employ a whole school approach to guidance and focus specifically on Junior Cycle.  It is recommended that schools start with Section 1 and progress to Sections 2 and 3 at their own pace.  Most schools will find that it may take a school year to progress through all the resources and activities. 

NCGE greatly appreciates the contribution that the pilot project schools made to the development of these resources.

NCGE will be developing additional resources to support schools in implementing the Framework in Junior Cycle over the coming year.  These resources will be expanded for use with Senior Cycle students in the future. 

Schools with queries on any aspect of the Framework can email Luke Dunne - Guidance Programme Administrator at