Applying for Jobs: A Resource for Guidance Counsellors

A resource sheet for students has been prepared for those who wish to apply for a job. The resource sheet is available below.

The resource sheet suggests that students applying for jobs as part of work experience/placement/shadowing/seasonal part-time work will probably go through the following stages;

They will:

  • Have identified what work they prefer (from experience, learning, courses etc)
  • Seek information about jobs, such as how to apply
  • Have identified a job that is of interest
  • Prepare a CV and, if necessary, an application form
  • Submit a covering letter, to introduce themselves
  • Await a reply

Clearly, your role as guidance counsellor in the longer term is to encourage students to reflect on their interests and experiences, to help them to clarify their personal preferences, to access information about work, careers and the labour market and to help them to decide what areas of work are most likely to match their preferences. You may find the resource 'Understanding Your Interests', available for download below, useful. This resource can be used to support student learning regarding their interests and aptitudes. The resource can be applied in a classroom setting by presenting to students for completion, followed by discussion of their choices in small groups.

The Applying for Jobs resource sheet provides links to the Europass website, which is highly recommended as a valuable asset in guidance provision. In particular, the Europass website facilitates job applications through an easy-to-use interface bringing jobseekers through the development of a CV and cover letter, among others.

In addition to your longer-term work in supporting students career development, it is suggested that the preparation of a CV and cover letter might be the subject of a number of classroom guidance sessions as part of the area of learning: Developing My Career Path (Guidance for All)  (NCGE: A Whole School Guidance Framework, 2017) and in individual work with students, based on the Europass website at: and on the QQI website at:

More specifically, CV preparation will be found at:

and the preparation of a cover letter at:

 It is further suggested that, as communication skills, students might be exposed to learning these skills through collaborative work among teachers in a variety of programmes and subjects, and by the creative use of information technology in job searches, information seeking and the preparation of documents.

The student resource 'Applying for Jobs' can be accessed for download  HERE.

The resource ‘Understanding Your Interests’ can be accessed for download HERE. 

NCGE acknowledges the contribution of Colum Layton in the development of this resource page.

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