Striving for social justice: towards emancipatory guidance practices

Professional development webinar with Prof. Ronald Sultana, Director of the Euro-Mediterranean Centre for Educational Research, University of Malta.

‘Striving for social justice: towards emancipatory guidance practices’

This webinar recording (from November 2018) with Prof. Ronald Sultana explores social justice, the impact of neo-liberalism on people’s lives and on public services, why guidance matters and how guidance can contribute to the emancipatory project. 

You can download an accompanying presentation (used as part of Prof. Sultana's input into the National Forum on Guidance) below.

Ronald Sultana is a Professor of Educational Sociology and Comparative Education at the University of Malta, where he directs the Euro-Mediterranean Centre for Educational Research (EMCER).

He has studied education in Malta, the UK and New Zealand, and was Fulbright Fellow at Stanford University (U.S.A.). Professor Sultana is the founding editor of the Mediterranean Journal of Educational Studies, and represents the region on the editorial board of several international journals of education. Professor Sultana is the author or editor of 21 volumes, and has published over a hundred articles and chapters in refereed journals and books. Much of his work relates to educational innovation and evaluation, and the linkages between education and work, including career guidance and educational development.

Monday, November 26, 2018
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Monday, November 26, 2018

Prof. Ronald Sultana / NCGE

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