The School Guidance Handbook Editorial Panel


The School Guidance Handbook aims to support and develop knowledge and good practice in the field of guidance in second level schools/Colleges of Further Education (for the interim as the latter is expected to come under the Further Education remit in the near future).

The Panel consists of members who have been invited by NCGE to participate on the Panel due to their expertise in the field of guidance, editorial experience and research.  The Panel will meet four times annually to discuss and review content for the Handbook. 

Remit of the Editorial Panel

The role of the Editorial Panel is to:

  • Define standards for the content of the Handbook (including guidelines for authors, evaluation criteria for reviewing content).  This includes the on-going review and updating of standards as appropriate.
  • Recommend and prioritise appropriate content for the Handbook.
  • Support ‘Calls for Abstracts/Papers’ as appropriate.
  • Moderate the peer review process by identifying content experts (as appropriate) to review submitted content, support the work of the content experts as appropriate and approve the content expert(s)’ recommendations. 
  • Provide feedback based on established criteria to facilitate the re-submission of content (if appropriate).
  • Ensure that submitted content is dealt with in a fair, objective and transparent manner and that the Handbook guidelines are followed. 

Current Members of the Editorial Panel

Members of the Editorial Panel are as follows:

  • Jennifer McKenzie (Chair, NCGE)
  • Carol Guildea (NCGE)
  • Paul King (DCU)
  • Colum Layton (Independent Guidance Expert)
  • Anne Tuffy (Guidance Counsellor)