Planning the School Guidance Programme

I am very pleased to present this publication Planning the School Guidance Programme which has been prepared in the light of the requirements of sections 9 (c) and 21 of the Education Act 1998. The publication will assist schools greatly in developing their guidance plan as part of the overall School Plan. The writing of Planning the School Guidance Programme was co-ordinated by the National Centre for Guidance in Education, with inputs from the relevant stakeholders. I am most grateful to all who contributed to this work for their effort and commitment to the task. Guidance planning is a whole-school activity and is an integral part of the School Development Plan. The guidance plan offers both a challenge and an opportunity for schools to develop programmes that ensure all students have access to appropriate guidance. As these programmes require regular review and updating to ensure continued relevance to the ever-changing needs of the students in the school, the guidance plan is always a work in progress. As this document demonstrates, guidance planning draws not only on the expertise of the guidance counsellor but it also involves school management, staff, parents and students. I am certain that this document will be a valuable resource for all involved in guidance planning in schools. It will also assist in the implementation of improved guidance programmes to assist all students in their transitions as they progress from primary to second level and on to further study and employment. I would like to congratulate the National Centre for Guidance in Education on the publication of Planning the School Guidance Programme.

Noel Dempsey, T.D. Minister for Education and Science

Thursday, August 26, 2004
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Tuesday, September 30, 2014


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