Guidelines for Submission of Content

The School Guidance Handbook is a resource to support the development and practice of guidance in second level schools. It is a resource for school management, the guidance counsellor and all school staff. It aims to inform, develop and support good practice in schools in the development, delivery and review of the school guidance programme. As the target audience ranges from the guidance specialist i.e. the guidance counsellor to a teacher who may not have an in-depth knowledge of guidance but who is interested in guidance and has a role to play in the guidance process it is important that content produced for the Handbook takes this into consideration i.e. terminology employed should be defined and explained where appropriate.

Guidelines are available to assist Authors with the development of content for the Handbook.  These are available below.  In addition a template is available for articles.  All content should be submitted through this website by clicking on the "submit content" link below.