Guidelines for Submission of Abstracts

The abstract should include the following information:

  • Author's name
  • Author's contact details - email and postal addresses, daytime and evening phone nos.

The type of content should be indicated (note: the abstract has to be approved by the Editorial Panel prior to submitting content for the Handbook):

  • Policy
  • Guidelines
  • Template
  • Form
  • Short/Long Article - includes case studies

The following should be noted in relation to abstract submissions:

  • Abstract title: should be limited to 20 words
  • Abstract text: should be limited to 300 words

The following headings should be included:

  • Introduction (this highlights the purpose of the content, identifies the target audience, the outcomes for the intended audience)
  • Main body (a summary of the intended content)
  • Conclusion

Key literature should be referenced - no more than four for the purposes of the abstract (the references are in addition to the word count). In the case of a guidance case study the practice highlighted should reference the relevant guidance theory and related literature i.e. the theoretical framework underlying the practice. Clear links should be established between the content and guidance in second level schools i.e. the content should be contextualised to the school guidance context.


Abstract Submission:

Abstracts should be formatted using the template available from "Abstract Template".  Abstracts should be submitted through this website by clicking on the "Submit Abstract" link below.