Dyslexia: How the Guidance Counsellor can support the student with dyslexia

This article looks at how the guidance counsellor can support the student with dyslexia in Irish post-primary schools. It discusses the different ways in which dyslexia may affect the student and suggests screening if a student presents with difficulties. Identification of dyslexic difficulties is made through an educational psychological assessment. Supports such as Reasonable Accommodations in Certificate Examinations (RACE), Disability Route to Education (DARE) and language exemptions are discussed. The guidance counsellor has a key role in helping the student with dyslexia make key decisions such as subject and course choice. These decisions are crucial in helping the student cope and succeed. The article also discusses several dyslexia-friendly whole school policies such as easy-to-read style guide for notes and other documentation, the readability of textbooks, use of assistive technology and study skills for students with dyslexia.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018
Date for Review: 
Thursday, September 19, 2019

Wyn McCormack

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