Developing a Policy on Assessment in Post Primary Schools

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This document has been produced in order to provide Post Primary schools with a framework for designing and developing a policy on assessment in accordance with all relevant Department of Education and Skills (DES) policy, circulars and publications. 
This document has been created in line with the recent DES Circular 0058/2019 (revising DES Circular letter 0035/2017). 

Circular 0058/2019 applies to all instances where psychometric tests (either ability, aptitude or achievement) are administered.

This publication contains four sections as follows:
1. A sample ‘Assessment Policy’ which may be adjusted for use in postprimary schools.
2. A sample ‘Parental Consent to Assessment’ form
3. A sample ‘FAQ information sheet' for parents/guardians
4. A list of key policies, circulars and publications on topics relating to assessment in post primary schools
Content for consideration is included within the sample 'Assessment Policy' and schools may adjust / overwrite this content in line with the unique needs of their school.
On downloading the PDF and saving to your device you can type directly into the document, or  you can delete the prefilled content and print.

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Wednesday, February 5, 2020
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Friday, February 5, 2021


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