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Episode 5: ‘Practical Sociology and Youthreach Advocacy’ with CTC Advocate Rory Gallagher

April 2021

In this episode of The NCGE Podcast, FET Programme Coordinator Mary Stokes speaks with Rory Gallagher, CTC Youth Advocate in Longford Westmeath ETB.

They discuss Rory’s career path from social care to working in a family research centre, to his role as a Youth Advocate, how he employs the MAGIC model (Mentoring, Advice, Guidance, Information and Counselling) with early school leavers, and the parallels and differences in the work of Advocates and that of a Guidance Counsellor. 

For further information on areas discussed in this episode, please see: 
Adult Literacy, Numeracy and Digital Literacy 10-Year Strategy for Ireland

THRIVE – Training Hope and Resilience in Vulnerable School Leavers

Rory Gallagher is the Chair of the Northern Region of the National Advocates Network, he has an M.A. in Community Development, an M.A. in Family Support and has previously worked in Social Care, Community Development and Mental Health Services. He has been working as Youth Advocate with Longford Westmeath ETB for the past five years.

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NCGE Podcast Series

NCGE / Rory Gallagher

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Episode 4: ‘Career Fitness’ with IAEVG President Dr Gert van Brussel

April 2021

In this episode of The NCGE Podcast, NCGE director Jennifer McKenzie is in conversation with the current president of the International Association for Educational and Vocational Guidance, Dr Gert van Brussel. Gert outlines his own background and path to the IAEVG, the importance and benefits of Guidance associations, organisations and individual practitioners being IAEVG members, as well as the key messages for developing guidance services, particularly in a post-Covid world. 

Gert's philosophy of 'Guidance Fitness' and his words of wisodm as an experienced Guidance professional provide illuminating insights in developing Guidance.

For further information on areas discussed in this episode, please see: 

Dr Gert van Brussel is affiliated with the Open University of the Netherlands. He has more than 40 years of experience in the domain of career development in various roles: counsellor, consultant, entrepreneur, researcher, lecturer and presenter. Gert has been a member of the IAEVG Board since 2015 and President of the Association since 2019.

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NCGE Podcast Series

NCGE / Dr Gert van Brussel

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‘Whole School Guidance Provision - Examples of Good Practice’

27th April 2021

This webinar showcased examples of good practice in applying the principles of Looking at Our Schools and School Self Evaluation in terms of Whole School Guidance planning and improvement.
It also outlined further the wealth of material available on the NCGE website in relation to Whole School Guidance.

Representatives from three different schools contributed to this webinar from Voluntary and Community/ETB, small and large, located in rural and urban settings. 
DEIS and non-DEIS were similarly represented.

You can access the accompanying presentation below and view the webinar recording on Vimeo by clicking the 'Resource Link'.

Post Primary

NCGE / The Abbey School (Tipperary) / Ardgillan College (Balbriggan) / St Dominic's College (Ballyfermot)

  1. PDF icon NCGE-PP-Presentation-WSG-Good-Practice-270421-EN.pdf
Spring 2021 Webinar Series
Resource Link

Supports for Students Returning to School

This resource is for use with any group but is particularly suitable for Junior Cycle students returning to school after an extended period.  
It is designed to bring awareness of the key people and supports available to students during these challenging times.
It is based on the importance of every young person identifying at least 'one good adult' based on '
My world survey. National study of youth mental health in Ireland' research conducted by Barbara Dooley and Amanda Fitzgerald (2012). 

The resource can be printed and distributed to students.
You can prepopulate / edit the Word version if required.

Post Primary


  1. PDF icon NCGE-PP-Information-Sheet-Support-4-Students-Returning-to-school-PDF-EN.pdf
  2. PDF icon NCGE-PP-Information-Sheet-Support-4-Students-Returning-to-school-PDF-GA.pdf
  3. File NCGE-PP-Information-Sheet-Support-4-Students-Returning-to-school-Word-EN.docx
  4. File NCGE-PP-Information-Sheet-Support-4-Students-Returning-to-school-Word-GA.docx

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'Whole School Guidance and 'Looking At Our Schools' (LAOS)'

2nd March 2021

This webinar connects whole school guidance planning' with 'Looking at Our Schools' (LAOS).
It is an initial or introductory webinar on the utilisation of LAOS to improve identified aspects of whole school guidance planning.
While this webinar is suitable for all schools in terms of an informative piece, it is most appropriate for schools who have previously attended CPD on 'Whole School Guidance Planning.'

You can access the accompanying presentation below and view the webinar recording on Vimeo by clicking the 'Resource Link'.
The additional accompanying resource is available directly under this post.

Post Primary

NCGE / DE Inspectorate

  1. PDF icon NCGE-PP-Presentation-WSG-020321-EN.pdf
Spring 2021 Webinar Series
Resource Link

WSG / LAOS Reflection Sheet

This resource provides a basic template for schools who wish to develop their whole school guidance planning in the context of 'Looking at Our Schools' (LAOS).
It outlines one possible approach to this process and provides some key areas for reflection.

Post Primary

NCGE / DE Inspectorate

  1. File NCGE-PP-WSG-LAOS-Reflection-Sheet-EN.docx
Spring 2021 Webinar Series
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'Reimagining Work Experience' - Pilot Resources

NCGE are currently coordinating a pilot entitled ‘Reimagining Post Primary Work Experience’ with 15 schools.
A number of classroom resources, student work sheets and work experience opportunities are available for TY, LCA and LCVP students.
Due to significant interest in this pilot, we are making the resources available to all post-primary schools nationwide.

All information on the resources/opportunities available (to date) can be accessed through clicking the 'Resource' link below.

Post Primary

NCGE / Exit-Entry / Spotlight / Languages Connect / Euroguidance Ireland

Resource Link

Legalities of Digitalised Guidance in FET (ETB AEGS)

10th February 2021 
This webinar referenced existing practice and guidelines for the ETB Adult Guidance Services pertaining to data gathering alongside relevant publications.
It built on
 existing guidelines in the context of ongoing online Guidance provision - focusing on the legalities involved in digitalised guidance counselling. 
The accompanying presentation presents information for Guidance staff working in ETB Adult Education Guidance Services on aspects of digitalised guidance relevant to their practice. 

You can access the accompanying presentation below.

Please note: 

A webinar recording is not available. 
This is due to the nature of the topic; with personal Q&A, scenarios and discussions the content is required to be kept as confidential as possible. 

Further Education & Training

NCGE / Sarah Tully (Solicitor & Legal Trainer)

  1. PDF icon NCGE-FET-Webinar-Presentation-Legalities-AEGS-100221.pdf

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'Guidance Related Learning for Junior Cycle' - Webinar 2

4th February 2021

This webinar further introduced Guidance Related Learning for Junior Cycle and provided Guidance Counsellors with an opportunity to discuss all elements of the unit of learning.

You can access the accompanying presentation below and view the webinar recording on Vimeo by clicking the 'Resource Link'.

Post Primary

NCGE / CareersPortal / Alice O'Connor (Stepaside Educate Together Secondary School)

  1. PDF icon NCGE-PP-Presentation-GRL-040221-EN.pdf
Spring 2021 Webinar Series
Resource Link

'Understanding all aspects of QQI'

2nd February 2021

This webinar summarised the key points of QQI for Guidance Counsellors with a focus on transition and opportunities.
NCGE partnered with QQI in the creation and presentation of this webinar.

You can access the accompanying presentation below and view the webinar recording on Vimeo by clicking the 'Resource Link'.

Post Primary


  1. PDF icon NCGE-PP-Presentation-QQI-020221-EN.pdf
Spring 2021 Webinar Series
Resource Link