The National Centre for Guidance in Education (NCGE) will cease to operate from 1st September 2022. 
The NCGE and its Management Committee, Léargas, the Department of Education, the Department of Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science, Solas and ETBI have been carrying out significant work since earlier this year to prepare for the reorganisation of guidance support. A Transitions Working Group and additional sub-groups have been meeting regularly to co-ordinate the reorganisation.

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Practitioner Resources

The resources contained on this page are intended to support you and learners / clients.

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Improving Career Interventions with Cognitive Information Processing Theory

This webinar and accompanying presentation take us through the key components of CIP theory and applies these to guidance practice in Ireland.

You can view webinar recording on Vimeo by clicking the 'Resource Link' below.

Post Primary, Further Education & Training

Jim Sampson

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Developing My Career Path
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Career Matters: Evidence and Implications for Gender and Equality

This webinar and accompanying presentation takes us through the key findings of a major international review: Careers Education: International Literature Review commissioned by the UK Education Endowment Foundation and explores the implications for gender and equality in changing education and labour markets.

You can view webinar recording on Vimeo by clicking the 'Resource Link' below.

Post Primary, Further Education & Training

Dr Deirdre Hughes, OBE

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Career Counselling: facilitating career learning and development

In this webinar and accopanying presentation, Liane Hambly discusses the role of career counselling in facilitating career learning and development. Liane presents a definition of career counselling and takes us through a three stage model for career counselling delivery (establishing the foundations, exploration of needs and addressing needs) and the theory underpinning this model.  Hambly concludes the webinar with a brief discussion of Dual Processing Theory and the implications of this theory for career guidance and counselling. 

You can view webinar recording on Vimeo by clicking the 'Resource Link' below.

Post Primary, Further Education & Training

Liane Hambly

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Action-Oriented Hope-Centered Career Development

This webinar and accompanying presentation presents an action-oriented model of career development which places hope at the centre of the process.

You can view webinar recording on Vimeo by clicking the 'Resource Link' below.

Post Primary, Further Education & Training

Dr. Spencer Niles

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Alternative visions of employability: the role of critical pedagogy

This article focuses on the learner’s ‘career’ and its potential to be placed under academic scrutiny via the reflexive exploration of theory.  This article demonstrates how this pedagogical approach can provide a means toward critical career understanding and how this influences future student career enactment

Post Primary, Further Education & Training

Ricky Gee

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Perspectives on the use of ability tests in schools

This video was created after a number of CPD workshops were undertaken in Irish post primary schools and presents the various perspectives on the use of ability tests.

You can view video recording on Vimeo by clicking the 'Resource Link' below.

Post Primary

Declan Fitzgeralnd and Evin Cowhey

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Navigating the Horizon (TED Talk)

This video presentation focuses on a paradigm shift in the conceptualisation of career. In the labour market a career is not chosen, it is constructed through a series of choices we make throughout our lives. This transformation in the concept of career has implications to the widening paradigm of lifelong guidance and how lifelong career management skills and transversal employability skills can be learned as a continuum from comprehensive education to higher education and adult learning. There is also evidence that in addition to learning outcomes on individual level, coherent career education programmes have wider economic and social outcomes. The beneficiaries include individuals, families, communities and the organisations where they study and work, as well as society as a whole. There is an extensive research base which indicates that lifelong guidance is most effective where it meaningfully connects to the wider experience and lives of individuals and provides services relevant to their needs. It should recognise the diversity of individuals and provide services relevant to their need by combining a range of different interventions. It should also encourage the acquisition of lifelong career management skills.

You can view video recording on YouTube by clicking the 'Resource Link' below.

Post Primary, Further Education & Training

Raimo Vuorinen

Developing My Career Path, Developing My Learning
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Telephone and Remote Platform Approaches to Career Development

Technology can be transformative, improving the experience and outcomes, for both the client and the guidance counsellor. In order to use technology well, it is important to review how existing skills can be transferred to other mediums. This webinar looks at some of the key components of integrating telephone work into guidance practice including many key areas such as adapting and strengthening preexisting skills and tactics

You can view webinar recording on Vimeo by clicking the 'Resource Link' below.

Post Primary, Further Education & Training

Liane Hambly

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Video Role Play: Provision of feedback on psychometric test results

This role play provides an opportunity to observe a model of feedback of psychometric assessment results that can be used during a one-to-one meeting with a student.

You can view the video on Vimeo by clicking the 'Resource Link' below.

Post Primary

Declan Fitzgerald

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Career Sailboat Model as a tool for the Guidance Counsellor

There are numerous career development theories and models. The Career Sailboat Model (CSM) was created to enhance the process of career decision-making which emerges within four interactive dimensions - individual, social, political-legal-economical and chance.

Note: This document was previously uploaded to the (old) 'NCGE School Guidance Handbook'

Post Primary, Further Education & Training

Fidan Korkut-Owen, Selen Demirtaş-Zorbaz, Tansu Mutlu–Süral

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Developing My Career Path, Developing Myself
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