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Principles of Adult Education Guidance Initiative (AEGI) Delivery in ETB Adult Education Guidance Services (AEGS)

The following resource is a collation of articles formerly located on the NCGE FET Guidance Handbook on a variety of key principles of service delivery in the ETB Adult Education Guidance Services (ETB AEGS). 
Information in the resource remains relevant for practice in these guidance services and may be useful for referral to new staff members in local services. 
Guidance staff in other areas of FET Guidance may find information herein useful in informing / adapting to suit their practice. 

The resource is divided into the areas of:  

  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) 
  • Policy & Practice Guidelines 
  • Strategic Guidance Service Planning 
  • Delivering the Guidance Service 
  • Quality Assurance 
  • Guidance Service Staff 
  • The Physical Environment 
  • Record keeping & data gathering 
  • Further Principles of Service Delivery 
  • The European Dimension 
  • Access to Further Education and Training for Eligible International Protection Applicants 

Further Education & Training


  1. PDF icon NCGE-FET_Principles-AEGI-Service-Delivery-EN.pdf

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Setting up a Network of Support

10th September 2020

This webinar focussed on how to set up a 'network of support' both locally and nationally.

You can access the accompanying presentation below and view the webinar recording on Vimeo by clicking the 'Resource Link'

The additional accompanying 'Setting up a Network of Support (resource)' is available directly under this post.

Post Primary


  1. PDF icon NCGE-PP-Webinar-Network-Support-Presentation-EN.pdf
Autumn 2020 Webinar Series
Resource Link

Setting up a Network of Support (resource)

This resource has 2 x parts

This provides a visual representation of many school based, local and national supports that are available to support Guidance Counsellors in their work with students. 
It is a 'quick reference' guide and will be suitable to hang as a poster in the Guidance Office / Staffroom /on the Wellbeing notice board etc.
A version where you can your own additional local information is also provided.

If you wish to order a hard copy (A2 size) of this poster (for FREE), go to the NCGE Shopify Page HERE

Resource List:
This provides a base template for a detailed list of supports which post-primary Guidance Counsellors / Students may access. 
This list seeks to enhance the work of the Guidance Counsellor as it outlines multiple local and national agencies which specialise in the variety of complex issues experienced by students. Key school supports and international supports are also included. This list may be appended to the Whole School Guidance Plan and/or may be a 'stand alone' document for consultation. This list was revised in October 2021 to include National Disability Supports. 

Post Primary


  1. PDF icon NCGE-PP-Network-Support-Poster-2021-EN.pdf
  2. PDF icon NCGE-PP-Network-Support-Poster-EditableV2-2022.pdf
  3. File NCGE-PP-Network-Support-Resource-List-2021-EN.docx
  4. File NCGE-PP-Network-Support-Resource-List-2021-GA.docx
Autumn 2020 Webinar Series, Autumn 2021 Post-Primary Webinar Series
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NCGE / Euroguidance Resources for Guidance Counsellors

8th September 2020

This Webinar showcased a number of practical NCGE and Euroguidance resources for Guidance Counsellors.

You can access the accompanying presentation below and view the webinar recording on Vimeo by clicking the 'Resource Link'

The additional accompanying resource 'Index of NCGE / Euroguidance Ireland Resourcesis available directly under this post.

Post Primary, European / International

NCGE / Euroguidance Irleland

  1. PDF icon NCGE-PP-EG-Webinar-Resources-Presentation-EN.pdf
Autumn 2020 Webinar Series
Resource Link

Index of NCGE / Euroguidance Ireland resources (referenced in webinar 8th September 2020)

This resource summarises information presented in the (08/09/2020) webinar on NCGE and Euroguidance resources. 

This resource provides an index of all resources mentioned in the webinar.
The index includes the name of the resource and some key information about the purpose of the resource. A direct link to each resource is included in the index.

Post Primary, European / International

NCGE / Euroguidance Ireland

  1. PDF icon NCGE-PP-EG-Index-Resources-EN.pdf
Autumn 2020 Webinar Series
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Guidance Related Learning Resources for Junior Cycle - Webinar 1

3rd September 2020

Eighteen lessons of Guidance Related Learning for Junior Cycle students have been developed. 
Each lesson contains a comprehensive PowerPoint presentation, a detailed lesson plan and student worksheet. 

These lessons are suitable for use both in the classroom and if students are learning remotely.
This webinar introduced all aspects of these newly developed resources for Junior Cycle Guidance.

You can access the accompanying presentation below and view the webinar recording on Vimeo by clicking the 'Resource Link'

More information and the resources themselves are available directly under this post.

Post Primary

NCGE / Careers Portal

  1. PDF icon NCGE-CP-PP-Webinar-GRL-Junior-Cycle-Presentation-EN.pdf
Autumn 2020 Webinar Series
Resource Link

Guidance Related Learning Resources - Junior Cycle

NCGE and are delighted to announce that a suite of innovative and integrated Junior Cycle Guidance Related Learning and teaching resources are NOW available.

  • This content provides three units of learning: a unit for first year, second year and third year
  • Each unit of learning has 7 lessons: 21 lessons in total
  • Each lesson includes a lesson plan, presentation and student worksheet
  • The lessons are available in English and Irish
  • These lessons are suitable for use both in the classroom and if students are learning remotely

In line with the Whole School Guidance Framework (NCGE, 2017) and in accordance with the holistic model of guidance provision in post primary schools, lesson plans and class content includes a focus on 'developing myself,' 'developing my learning' and 'developing my career path' and may raise issues of a personal or social nature for students.

Guidance Counsellors and other teachers delivering these classroom guidance lessons are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the lesson plans in advance of delivery.
Guidance Counsellors / teachers should be mindful of any issues or considerations that may arise for the students in their school when planning these guidance related learning lessons. 

Within the whole school guidance plan, Guidance Counsellors and teachers will agree the school process for arranging 1-1 guidance counselling session for students in 1st - 3rd year, should the need arise.

Topics presented in the units of learning include (but are not limited to):

  • My School Year
  • My Supports
  • My Goals
  • My Values
  • My Study Skills 
  • My Pathways

You can access these resources directly below.



Post Primary

NCGE / Careers Portal

Autumn 2020 Webinar Series
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Psychological First Aid - Supporting Students - Leaving Certificate 2020

Psychological First Aid (PFA) is a psycho-social tool used to support people at times of crisis. 
This narrated PowerPoint presentation developed by NEPS and aimed at Guidance Counsellors , provides a framework which can be applied when supporting students who may be distressed  upon receiving the Leaving Certificate calculated grades on Monday, Sept 7th.

Post Primary


  1. File NEPS-PP-Psychological-First-Aid-Supporting-Students-Leaving-Certificate2020-EN.pptx
Submitted Resource
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Supporting Outgoing Students (the Leaving Certificate class of 2020)

1st September 2020

This webinar aimed to prepare Guidance Counsellors with all information needed to support the Leaving Certificate class of 2020 in terms of receiving their calculated grades, appealing the results, sitting the examinations and receiving their offers.

You can access the accompanying presentation below and view the webinar recording on Vimeo by clicking the 'Resource Link' 

An additional accompanying resource 'Calculated Grades and associated choices: Information for LC2020 Students and Parents' is available directly under this post.

Post Primary

NCGE / NEPS (David Carroll, Educational Psychologist)

  1. PDF icon NCGE-PP-Supporting-Outgoing-Students-Presentation-EN.pdf
Autumn 2020 Webinar Series
Resource Link

Calculated grades and associated choices

This document collates and summarises key information for students and parents of the Leaving Certificate class of 2020. This sheet contains information on: 

  • calculated grades
  • appealing calculated grades
  • sitting exams in November 2020
  • CAO offers
  • how to access support

Post Primary


  1. File Information Sheet -LC-Class2020-EN.docx
  2. File Information Sheet -LC-Class2020-GA.docx
Autumn 2020 Webinar Series
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