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Presentation for new AEGS Staff

On September 19th 2019 NCGE welcomed a group of Guidance staff recently recruited to work in established ETB AEGS around the country. This was a lively session with Guidance Coordinators, Guidance Information Officers and Guidance Counsellors taking the opportunity to listen and discuss the role of data gathering in the AEGS model, the way the AEGS model of Guidance has developed and how developments in the FET ‘landscape’ will influence Guidance delivery in to the future.

Further Education & Training


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Irish Refugee Council – Information Booklet 2019/2020

In March 2019 NCGE facilitated CPD for AEGS’ staff on the topic of Social Inclusion. The Irish Refugee Council were among the presenters at this event to inform on their role working with and for refugees in Ireland. Further to the IRC’s involvement with this CPD, the IRC have provided their Information Booklet 2019/2020, a resource which may be of use for FET guidance provision for Irish refugees or to otherwise provide relevant information/points of referral.

Further Education & Training

Irish Refugee Council

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Social inclusion, Challenges and Opportunities

In March 2019 CPD was developed to offer AEGS’ an opportunity to learn about ongoing relevant policy developments in the area of social inclusion.

With speakers from various areas of policy and practice; part of the purpose of this CPD programme was to support AEGS guidance staff in sharing knowledge, expertise and practice. The events  were a reminder of the challenges to sincerely inclusive practice; and the need for useful collaboration and necessary cooperation between services in this crowded landscape where many agencies and services may be working on behalf of different Government departments and associated policies and strategies and priorities. You can access the presentations below,

Further Education & Training

NCGE / Dr Ebun Joseph/ SOLAS / NDA / BITCI / ESOL

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  2. PDF icon NCGE-FET-AEGS-IO-Presentation-PDF-EN.pdf
  3. PDF icon NCGE-FET-AEGS-Ebun-Joseph-PDF-EN.pdf
  4. PDF icon NCGE-FET-AEGS-SOLAS-Active-Inclusion-PDF-EN.pdf
  5. PDF icon NCGE-FET-AEGS-NDA-Guidance-PDF-EN.pdf
  6. PDF icon NCGE-FET-AEGS-NDA-Universal-Design-PDF-EN.pdf
  8. PDF icon NCGE-FET-AEGS-Social-Inclusion-ESOL-PDF-EN.pdf

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Striving for social justice: towards emancipatory guidance practices

This webinar recording with Prof. Ronald Sultana explores social justice, the impact of neo-liberalism on people’s lives and on public services, why guidance matters and how guidance can contribute to the emancipatory project.

You can view webinar recording on Vimeo by clicking the 'Resource Link' below

Post Primary, Further Education & Training

Prof. Ronald Sultana

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GDPR considerations AEGI AGMS

In May 2018 the Irish and European Data Protection landscape changed significantly following the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the set of data management obligations which is currently in effect across the entire European region.These regulations have implications for Adult Education Guidance Services, particularly in relation to the Adult Guidance Management Service database (AGMS). In the context of the development of FET wide Guidance service provision, and with the understanding that the existing AGMS is currently under review and redevelopment this webinar provides a brief overview of the Regulation, the Data Management principles of the Regulation, its impact and the rights of the Data Subject. NCGE plans to develop appropriate GDPR Guidelines for Adult Education Guidance Services in ETB contexts; this webinar therefore informs the current and ongoing use of the AEGI AGMS database in the context of GDPR compliance. It is hosted by NCGE FET Programme Coordinator Mary Stokes, and Hugh Jones, co-founder of Data Protection specialists Sytorus.

You can view webinar recording on Vimeo by clicking the 'Resource Link' below

Further Education & Training

NCGE / Hugh Jones (Sytorus)

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A Different Approach for a Different Brain - Guiding Students with Asperger’s Syndrome towards Achievable Goals

This article is intended to aid Guidance Counsellors working with students with Asperger’s Syndrome / ASD Level 1. 
The first step is to understand the condition.

Note: This document was previously uploaded to the (old) 'NCGE School Guidance Handbook'

Post Primary, Further Education & Training

Veronica Leaney

  1. PDF icon NCGE-PP-Asbergers-EN.pdf
  2. PDF icon NCGE-PP-Asbergers-GA.pdf
Developing My Learning, Developing Myself
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Supporting and Including Refugee and Asylum Seeking Children in Education

This article provides a brief overview of the current refugee crisis in Europe; the experiences of child refugees and; subsequent impacts on their lives and education.

Note: This document was previously uploaded to the (old) 'NCGE School Guidance Handbook'

Post Primary, Further Education & Training

Hilary Harmon

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NCGE FET & Careers Portal MyFutures+ Pilot

NCGE’s role includes informing policy and supporting the development of quality guidance practice in the FET sector. In this context the development of useful and meaningful resources to support quality practice is key. Informed by Quality Assurance and Evidence Guidelines of the ELPGN, NCGE supports the development of practitioner competence, service provision and improvement. NCGE also recognises the need for a cost/benefit for individuals and those funding the guidance service.

Further Education & Training
CareersPortal / NCGE
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Immigration and Residency in Ireland: An Overview for Education Providers

The status, rights and entitlements of the diverse student population are complex and this article provides an overview for guidance counsellors and school management on the rights and entitlements of a diverse student population.

Note: This document was previously uploaded to the (old) 'NCGE School Guidance Handbook'

Post Primary, Further Education & Training

Catherine Cosgrave and Colin Lenihan

  1. PDF icon NCGE-PP-Immigration-Residency-EN.pdf
  2. PDF icon NCGE-PP-Immigration-Residency-GA.pdf

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An introduction to Technology Enhanced Guidance

This webinar recording and accompanying presentation (from December 2017) covers areas such as:

  • why and how to use technology in guidance
  • using ICT tools and Social Media in guidance
  • the Danish Experience

You can view webinar recording on Vimeo by clicking the 'Resource Link' below.

Post Primary, Further Education & Training

Jannie Meedom Nielsen

  1. PDF icon NCGE-PP-Intro-Tech-Guidance-EN.pdf

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