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(Covid-19) “Taking Stock”: Questionnaire for 6th year students

The below downloadable template may be helpful in supporting students to reflect on their guidance needs and inform the planning of the school guidance programme during the current Covid-19 pandemic. In using this, or any other self-report measures, it is important to remember their limitations and to remember that guidance is a process and a lifelong journey. The purpose of this tool is to support student reflection of their guidance needs and to inform the school’s provision of guidance over the short termPlease feel free to amend / adapt this questionnaire to meet the needs of the students in your school.

Post Primary


  1. File NCGE-PP-6thyear-endterm-questionnaire-EN.docx
  2. File NCGE-PP-6thyear-endterm-questionnaire-GA.docx
Spring 2020 Webinar Series
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NCGE Webinar Series (Post-Primary) - May 2020 - Webinar 1

This series consisted of 4 x free weekly interactive webinars, providing the opportunity for School Guidance Counsellors and School Management to participate in information sharing on 4 x topics under the overall theme of: ‘Adapting the Guidance plan to support continuity of Guidance provision’

The first live webinar in the series took place on Wednesday 6th May @2.30pm and addressed the topic of: ‘Whole School Guidance Provision - Focusing on 6th Years’.

You can view webinar recording on Vimeo by clicking the 'Resource Link' below

Post Primary


  1. PDF icon NCGE-PP-NCGEWEBINAR1-Presentation.pdf
Spring 2020 Webinar Series
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(Covid-19) Accompanying presentation to​ DES Guidelines & NCGE Information for Schools

This PowerPoint and integrated video present and summarise information contained in the three key documents (below) published in March / April 2020, in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • DES - Continuity of Guidance Counselling-Guidelines for schools providing online support for students.
  • NCGE - Support Information for Guidance Counsellors in Schools (Covid-19 School Closures 2020)
  • Monaghan Education Centre - Supervision: Information for Supervisors and Guidance Counsellors

This resource is intended to provide initial CPD in this area and to reassure guidance counsellors.

Post Primary


  1. File NCGE-PP-Slideshow-Remote Guidance-Covid19.pptx

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(Covid-19) NCGE Support information for Guidance Counsellors in Schools​

Following the closure of schools and further education settings, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, NCGE has developed the following information for school Guidance Counsellors to support the delivery of remote / online guidance.Local decisions about the nature and suitability of remote / online school guidance provision should be discussed and agreed by School Management and Guidance Counsellor(s) and documented accordingly. School management and Guidance Counsellors have autonomy and may plan for and schedule guidance classes and one-to-one meetings with students using remote / online platforms in line with school policy. To provide clarity and to support post-primary school management and Guidance Counsellors in their planning and provision of one-to-one or small group guidance counselling and guidance classes to students during the Covid-19 school closures the following information may be useful.

Post Primary


  1. PDF icon NCGE-PP-Support-Information-GuidanceCounsellors-Schools-(COVID19-School-Closures2020)-EN.pdf
  2. PDF icon NCGE-PP-Support-Information-GuidanceCounsellors-Schools-(COVID19-School-Closures 2020)-GA.pdf

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(Covid-19) Continuity of Guidance Counselling - Guidelines for schools providing online support for students

The guidelines contained in this DES document are primarily intended to support post-primary school leaders as they plan for the continuity of guidance counselling support using technology or via the internet. These guidelines serve to raise awareness of the complex issues which must be considered before online guidance counselling or other 1:1 support is delivered. These guidelines can also inform the development of guidelines for the provision of guidance counselling online in the Further Education and Training sector.

To access this document, click the 'Resource Link' below

Post Primary

Department of Education and Skills

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(Covid-19) Supervision: Information for Supervisors and Guidance Counsellors

The Dept of Education and Skills recognises the importance of continued supervision of school Guidance Counsellors during the school closures
as a result of Covid-1
9. The below information has been issued to supervisors and Guidance Counsellors for the organisation of the supervision programme at this time.

To access this document, click the 'Resource Link' below

Post Primary

Department of Education and Skills / Monaghan Education Centre

Resource Link

Euro-Quest - Resource for Schools

As weare all doing our best to adapt to a ‘virtual learning environment’, we wanted to highlight Euro-Quest as a resource that might be helpful to you as part of your virtual guidance deliveryDeveloped by NCGE / Euroguidance Ireland - Euro-Quest promotes educational mobility. It gives an overview of Europe, highlights the study, training opportunities available, gives advice and suggestions about living and studying abroad and empowers students to research available courses. 

Euro-Quest is FREE to use, and students can access and complete from home.

It is particularly suitable for TY and 5th year students.

The delivery of the Euro-Quest programme requires that a member of school staff (ideally a Guidance Counsellor or TY Coordinator) assume the role of 'Euro-Quest Leader'. In support of students, the Euro-Quest Leader will register and access a unique (Leader) course page and has responsibility for the following:

  • the in-school coordination of delivery (across departments / subject areas - where required)
  • for the purposes of feedback and evaluation - the completion of pre and post delivery questionnaires
  • to be the main point of contact between NCGE/Euroguidance Ireland in relation to programme delivery

If you wish to enrol as your schools leader, and begin your school's Euro-Quest journey, click the 'Resource Link' below

Post Primary, European / International

NCGE / Euroguidance Ireland

Resource Link

Developing a Confidentiality Policy for Post-Primary Schools

This document has been produced in order to outline how information about students should be treated by those who work in post-primary schools. Some suggestions are made to help schools to clarify how information is treated and to enable school staff to develop relevant policies in that regard. Although particular reference is made to confidentiality in the work of the Guidance Counsellor, emphasis is placed on the adoption of a whole-school approach to the issues.

JANUARY 2022 - This resource is currently being updated. A revised version will be populated here soon.

Post Primary

NCGE / Colum Layton

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Developing a Policy on Assessment in Post Primary Schools

This document has been produced in order to provide Post Primary schools with a framework for designing and developing a policy on assessment in accordance with all relevant Department of Education and Skills (DES) policy, circulars and publications. This document has been created in line with DES Circular 0067/20

Circular 0067/2020 applies to all instances where psychometric tests (either ability, aptitude or achievement) are administered.

This resource contains four sections as follows:

  • A sample ‘Assessment Policy’ which may be adjusted for use in postprimary schools.
  • A sample ‘Parental Consent to Assessment’ form
  • A sample ‘FAQ information sheet' for parents/guardians
  • A list of key policies, circulars and publications on topics relating to assessment in post primary schools

Content for consideration is included within the sample 'Assessment Policy' and schools may adjust / overwrite this content in line with the unique needs of their school.

You download the 'templates' as seperate documents; by saving to your device you can then type directly into these templates, or  you can delete the prefilled content and print.


Post Primary


  1. PDF icon NCGE-PP-Developing-an-Assessment-Policy-PDF-EN.pdf
  2. PDF icon NCGE-PP-Developing-an-Assessment-Policy-PDF-GA.pdf
  3. PDF icon NCGE-PP-SAMPLE-Assessment-Policy-PDF-EN.pdf
  4. PDF icon NCGE-PP-SAMPLE-Assessment-Policy-PDF-GA.pdf
  5. PDF icon NCGE-PP-SAMPLE-Parental-Consent-Notice-PDF-EN.pdf
  6. PDF icon NCGE-PP-SAMPLE-Parental-Consent-Notice-PDF-GA.pdf
  7. PDF icon NCGE-PP-SAMPLE-Parental-FAQ-Sheet-PDF-EN.pdf
  8. PDF icon NCGE-PP-SAMPLE-Parental-FAQ-Sheet-PDF-GA.pdf

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Anxiety and Stress

This resource introduces and summarises key aspects to consider, where anxiety is concerned.

The resource is provided in Word Document format and contains 7 x main sections


You may find it convenient to seperate out the sections in this document and provide digitally or in printed form to students, colleagues and parents.

Post Primary


  1. File NCGE-PP-Anxiety-Stress-EN.docx
Developing Myself
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