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'Settling In - Slow Down to Catch Up’ (2021)

A Resource for Guidance Counsellors: starting out in a new school in academic year 2020-2021.

This resource gives Guidance Counsellors and School management some guidelines / ideas for how a new Guidance Counsellor can ‘transition’ and ‘settle in’ to a new school.

This checklist includes some key points / areas of consideration on the following four elements:

  1. Local School Policy
  2. Local Structures / Teams
  3. Local Supports
  4. Student Needs and prioritising groups at the beginning of a new school year.

This resource is not intended to be prescriptive.
It aims to provide a starting point for discussions and points of action, in line with recent publications, including - NCGE: A Whole School Guidance Framework (NCGE, 2017)

Post Primary


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Junior Cycle Wellbeing Guidelines (2021)

The updated Junior Cycle Wellbeing Guidelines (NCCA 2021) aim to support schools in planning and developing a coherent Wellbeing programme.
Guidance-related learning which addresses students’ personal, social, educational and vocational needs is facilitated through short blocks, arranged between the teachers of the units of learning and the guidance counsellor

The Guidance Related Learning resources developed by the NCGE in partnership with are cited in the updated Guidelines s a practical exemplar which can be incorporated into or adapted for use in a school’s Wellbeing programme.

You can access the guidelines by clicking on the 'Resource Link' below.

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Resource Link

Accredited grades and associated choices (2021)

This information sheet collates and summarises key information for students and parents of the Leaving Certificate class of 2021.
This sheet contains information on:

  • Written Exams and Accredited Grades
  • Appealing Written Exams and Accredited Grades
  • Key CAO information
  • Sources of further information and support

All information is correct at the time of publication.
Additional information will become available after the publication of this resource.
Guidance Counsellors. Students and parents are advised to consult:

Post Primary


  1. File NCGE-PP-Accredited-Grades-Choices-Revised-EN.docx

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A Checklist for Guidance Counsellors: transitioning back to school in academic year 2021-2022

This resource gives Guidance Counsellors ideas for how to ‘transition back’ and ‘settle in’ to school for academic year 2021-2022. This resource is not intended to be prescriptive; it aims to provide a starting point for discussions and points of action, in line with recent publications.

This checklist resource includes some key points / areas of consideration for Guidance Counsellors on the following seven elements of practice:

  1. Checking-in with where I ‘left off’
  2. General reflections / points of action for this academic year
  3. Update myself on National policy / publications
  4. Reflecting on Local School Policy
  5. Reflecting on Local Structures / Teams
  6. Updating Local Supports
  7. Reflect on Student Needs in our school

Post Primary


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"Future Focus" form

This "Future Focus" form, which was kindly provided by Michelle Dunne, Guidance Counsellor and Year Head, Ardgillan College, Balbriggan, Co. Dublin, is a template that can be downloaded for use with Leaving Certificate students within the domain of ‘Developing my Career Path’ as part of ‘Guidance for some’ (NCGE Whole School Guidance framework). It is a reflection activity that 6th-year students complete in preparation for a one-to-one appointment with the Guidance Counsellor. It is designed to help focus on their end goal of securing a place on a specific course /apprenticeship and help with guidance planning.


Post Primary

Michelle Dunne, Guidance Counsellor and Year Head, Ardgillan College, Balbriggan, Co. Dublin

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Submitted Resource
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“Tips Sheet” for 6th Year students

NCGE have revised this ‘Points of Reflection' (for students over summer 2021)  "Tips Sheet" for 6th Year students in response to a request from Guidance Counsellors in 2020.
Guidance Counsellors can use this resource as a template and amend the content / structure to best meet the needs of the students in their own schools.

Post Primary


  1. File NCGE-PP-6thyear-tips-sheet-May-2021-EN.docx

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"Review of Academic Year" (Reflection Resource for Staff)

This resource has been developed by NCGE to support Guidance Counsellors in reflecting on all aspects of Guidance during the academic year 2020/2021.
This ‘Review of Academic Year’ resource supports Guidance Counsellors (and the Guidance Planning Team), in reviewing all aspects of the Guidance service with reference to Whole School Guidance and the Continuum of Guidance (per Whole School Guidance Framework Document, 2017). 
This resource aims to support reflection on all aspects of Guidance provision and serve as a reference document for future planning.

Post Primary


  1. File NCGE-PP-Review-Academic-Year-2021-GC-EN.docx

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"Dear Me" in August 2021

This resource is designed for use on the last day of the academic year!
It aims to serve as a reference list for the types of things Guidance Counsellors might have on their mind, immediately before closing the office door and leaving for the summer holidays. In using a tool such as this (which is an example), Guidance Counsellors can make a note of all the major and minor ‘to-dos’ that will help them get started upon return to the role at the start of the next academic year. In this way, Guidance Counsellors can truly ‘let go,’ rest and relax over the break, knowing that a reminder note awaits them upon their return

Post Primary


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“Taking Stock”: Questionnaire for 6th Year students

The below downloadable template may be helpful in supporting students to reflect on their current needs. It may help you identify relevant guidance supports and inform your planning over the coming weeks. In using this, or any other self-report measures, it is important to remember their limitations and to remember that guidance is a process and a lifelong journey. The purpose of this tool is to support student reflection of their guidance needs and to inform the school’s provision of guidance over the short term. Please feel free to amend / adapt this questionnaire to meet the needs of the students in your school.

A Google Form Copy can be accessed HERE (ensure that you are signed into your Google Account)

Post Primary


  1. File NCGE-PP-6thyear-endterm-questionnaire-2021-EN.docx
  2. File NCGE-PP-6thyear-endterm-questionnaire-2021-GA.docx

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‘Whole School Guidance Provision - Examples of Good Practice’

27th April 2021

This webinar showcased examples of good practice in applying the principles of Looking at Our Schools and School Self Evaluation in terms of Whole School Guidance planning and improvement.
It also outlined further the wealth of material available on the NCGE website in relation to Whole School Guidance.

Representatives from three different schools contributed to this webinar from Voluntary and Community/ETB, small and large, located in rural and urban settings. 
DEIS and non-DEIS were similarly represented.

You can access the accompanying presentation below and view the webinar recording on Vimeo by clicking the 'Resource Link'.

Post Primary

NCGE / The Abbey School (Tipperary) / Ardgillan College (Balbriggan) / St Dominic's College (Ballyfermot)

  1. PDF icon NCGE-PP-Presentation-WSG-Good-Practice-270421-EN.pdf
Winter/Spring 2021 Webinar Series
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