2022 Post-Primary Webinar Series

'Applying to Higher Education from Further Education: Practical Implications and key considerations'

18th January 2022

In this webinar, Dr. Carol Guildea (Post Primary Programme Coordinator, NCGE) and Mary Stokes (Further Education and Training Programme Coordinator, NCGE) facilitated a session focusing on the practical implications and key considerations involved in transitioning from Further to Higher Education. In this webinar, lifelong guidance is addressed in relation to a systematic approach to progression.

The NCGE resource Template for Guidance Plan: Applying to Higher Education from Further Education was referenced during this session, which included presentations from:

  • CAO: Eileen Keleghan, Communications Officer
  • IUA: Colm Downes, Access Programme Manager
  • HEI: Lillian Griffin, Admissions Officer, Munster Technological University

A record of the Q&A responses during this webinar session is available also below. 

You can access the accompanying presentation below and view the webinar recording on Vimeo by clicking 'Resource Link'.

Template for Guidance Plan: Applying to Higher Education from Further Education

This resource has been developed in order to provide an example of how the content from the webinar ‘Applying to Higher Education from Further Education’  can be incorporated into a post-primary Guidance plan.

This template aims to provide a stimulus for thought and is not prescriptive in terms of the content of a guidance plan. It may be adapted to meet the needs of the school and appended into a preexisting Guidance plan.

This resource provides a template for considering a focus on Further Education: 

  • At Junior Cycle
  • At Senior Cycle
  • For parents
  • With a Whole School approach