2022 Lifelong Guidance Webinar Series

'Guidance for Deaf People: starting a positive conversation'

This webinar served as the first conversation focusing on Guidance and the value we as a community can offer Deaf people. The session took a  Universal Design for Learning (UDL) focus – exploring Deaf culture, experience of guidance, learning and work and most importantly setting out the role of communication (ISL ACT 2017) in Guidance relationships. There is a lot of added learning as this webinar will take the position that the Deaf community are a minority bilingual community, strong communicators, and relationship managers. As this is a starting point - the webinar will consider guidance and its engagement - whether the Deaf person is school going, an FET student or an adult learner. Or indeed a parent or significant other for a Deaf person.
The webinar took the time to:
  • Appreciate the different approaches to language and communication – which will be of benefit to guidance engagement for both Deaf people and Guidance counsellors
  • Share a unique view of communication and Deaf awareness in a guidance context (cultural, societal, and learning)
  • Explore challenges that exist for Deaf people in relation to guidance and career planning.
Deaf people played a central role in this webinar as it aimed to remove barriers and ensure equality and inclusion across guidance. It is part of an innovative project funded by POBAL which aims to develop a toolkit together (taking a UDL approach) that will be of benefit to Guidance Counsellors, now and into the future. The content included setting out the background and introducing the project and work of the Irish Deaf Society (IDS), establish the IDS (the project, together with Peer Mentors) as a resource for Guidance Counsellors, introduce Deaf awareness, new terminology, and an appreciation of Irish Sign Language (ISL) 

You can access the accompanying presentation below and view the webinar recording on Vimeo by clicking 'Resource Link'.



This webinar was presented in collaboration with Mark Deegan (Head of Apprenticeships Technological University Dublin) and explored the varied career paths available through Craft Apprenticeship and the range of programmes, disciplines, and pathways from foundation and apprenticeship to undergraduate and doctoral levels.

Find further information
 on Apprenticeships at https://apprenticeship.ie

You can access the accompanying presentation below and view the webinar recording on Vimeo by clicking 'Resource Link'.

'Applying to Higher Education from Further Education: Practical Implications and key considerations'

18th January 2022

In this webinar, Dr. Carol Guildea (Post Primary Programme Coordinator, NCGE) and Mary Stokes (Further Education and Training Programme Coordinator, NCGE) facilitated a session focusing on the practical implications and key considerations involved in transitioning from Further to Higher Education. In this webinar, lifelong guidance is addressed in relation to a systematic approach to progression.

The NCGE resource Template for Guidance Plan: Applying to Higher Education from Further Education was referenced during this session, which included presentations from:

  • CAO: Eileen Keleghan, Communications Officer
  • IUA: Colm Downes, Access Programme Manager
  • HEI: Lillian Griffin, Admissions Officer, Munster Technological University

A record of the Q&A responses during this webinar session is available also below. 

You can access the accompanying presentation below and view the webinar recording on Vimeo by clicking 'Resource Link'.