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Episode 6: 'A Discussion on Green Guidance' with Dr Peter Plant

June 2022

In this episode of The NCGE Podcast, NCGE Director Jennifer McKenzie is in conversation with Dr Peter Plant of Denmark. A researcher in European projects on guidance, and consultant to the EU-Commission and ELGPN, Peter is a longtime advocate of the vital importance of 'Green Guidance'.

Dr Peter Plant, Prof Emer, has worked in the career guidance field for nearly 50 years, globally, and in particular in the Nordic countries. His research has focused, inter alia, on Workplace Guidance, on 3rd Age Guidance, and on the Voice of Users in Career Guidance. One of his fields is Green Guidance: he advanced this concept first in 1996, and he has followed up ever since on this pressing issue, which is as relevant as ever. Over the years, he has acted as a consultant to governmental committees, and to several European guidance research projects, and to the European Commission, most recently to the European Lifelong Guidance Policy Network, ELGPN. Peter runs an organic farm, and heads several rural development activities and funds in his local area.

For further information on areas discussed in this episode, please see: 

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NCGE Podcast Series

NCGE / Dr Peter Plant

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Supporting Refugees from Ukraine

NCGE has developed information to support FET and adult guidance provision and career management for refugees arriving from Ukraine to Ireland. As part of several national working groups and committees, NCGE continue to inform national discussions toward the development of supports for Refugees and Asylum seekers in Ireland. NCGE recognises the challenges and implications for (ETB) Adult guidance services tasked by SOLAS and ETBI as “1st point of contact” for Ukrainian refugees.

Expertise in (ETB) Adult Education Guidance Service (AEGS) delivery of Career Guidance support to Refugees, International Protection Applicants and Migrants takes account of psychological issues and social, personal, and educational considerations in supporting all individuals to navigate the Irish system and to facilitate inclusion, informed choice, and career development planning along the lifespan.

Recognising the emergency and refugee crisis for Ukrainians; EU, State and voluntary services have been galvanized to deliver supports. This has generated a flow of discussions, arrangements and agreements coming from a range of sources. It is vital that the Irish policy context and practice implications for FET and (ETB) AEGS is therefore further supported.
As the situation is continuously evolving, this document is intended to offer the current understandings regarding the education, training and career opportunities and services relevant to the provision of adult guidance counselling to Ukrainian Refugees in Ireland. It is vital that information is contextualized where appropriate. NCGE intend to update this document as national arrangements continue to be agreed and announced.

Further Education & Training


  1. PDF icon NCGE-FET-Supporting-Refugees-Ukraine-2022-V3-EN.pdf

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'Review of the Academic Year: Reflections on Whole School Guidance Planning'

This webinar provided a reflection on academic year 2021/2022 with observations and insights into planning and practice of the next academic year.

You can access the accompanying presentation below and view the webinar recording on Vimeo by clicking 'Resource Link'.

Post Primary


  1. PDF icon NCGE-Review-Academic-Year-WSG-EN.pdf
2022 Post-Primary Webinar Series
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'Guidance for Deaf People: starting a positive conversation'

This webinar served as the first conversation focusing on Guidance and the value we as a community can offer Deaf people. The session took a  Universal Design for Learning (UDL) focus – exploring Deaf culture, experience of guidance, learning and work and most importantly setting out the role of communication (ISL ACT 2017) in Guidance relationships. There is a lot of added learning as this webinar will take the position that the Deaf community are a minority bilingual community, strong communicators, and relationship managers. As this is a starting point - the webinar will consider guidance and its engagement - whether the Deaf person is school going, an FET student or an adult learner. Or indeed a parent or significant other for a Deaf person.
The webinar took the time to:
  • Appreciate the different approaches to language and communication – which will be of benefit to guidance engagement for both Deaf people and Guidance counsellors
  • Share a unique view of communication and Deaf awareness in a guidance context (cultural, societal, and learning)
  • Explore challenges that exist for Deaf people in relation to guidance and career planning.
Deaf people played a central role in this webinar as it aimed to remove barriers and ensure equality and inclusion across guidance. It is part of an innovative project funded by POBAL which aims to develop a toolkit together (taking a UDL approach) that will be of benefit to Guidance Counsellors, now and into the future. The content included setting out the background and introducing the project and work of the Irish Deaf Society (IDS), establish the IDS (the project, together with Peer Mentors) as a resource for Guidance Counsellors, introduce Deaf awareness, new terminology, and an appreciation of Irish Sign Language (ISL) 

You can access the accompanying presentation below and view the webinar recording on Vimeo by clicking 'Resource Link'.


Post Primary, Further Education & Training

NCGE / Irish Deaf Society

  1. PDF icon NCGE-Guidance-For-Deaf-People-EN.pdf
2022 Lifelong Guidance Webinar Series
Resource Link

'Green Guidance at a Local Level'

Building on the momentum of the NCGE forum in November 2021, this webinar examined what ‘green guidance’ may look like in a post primary school. In addition, NCGE introduced new Guidance Related Learning lessons, developed on the topic of ‘Green Guidance’ for students in Junior Cycle.

You can access the accompanying presentation below and view the webinar recording on Vimeo by clicking 'Resource Link'.

Post Primary


  1. PDF icon NCGE-Green-Guidance-At-Local-Level-EN.pdf
2022 Post-Primary Webinar Series
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This webinar was presented in collaboration with Mark Deegan (Head of Apprenticeships Technological University Dublin) and explored the varied career paths available through Craft Apprenticeship and the range of programmes, disciplines, and pathways from foundation and apprenticeship to undergraduate and doctoral levels.

Find further information
 on Apprenticeships at

You can access the accompanying presentation below and view the webinar recording on Vimeo by clicking 'Resource Link'.

Post Primary, Further Education & Training

NCGE/TU Dublin

  1. PDF icon NCGE-Apprenticeships-EN.pdf
2022 Lifelong Guidance Webinar Series
Resource Link

Monitoring and evaluation of lifelong guidance systems and services for adults, in the context of lifelong learning, Vol. 1

This CEDEFOP reference publication was launched on 21st March 2022 at an international CEDEFOP virtual event.

Introducing this event, CEDEFOP note that different EU approaches remain short of providing “clear methodological indications on the implementation of the suggested indicators and the reality and context of current monitoring and evaluation practices in career guidance in Europe.”
This publication looks into individual support to careers and learning to shed light on the efficacy of current upskilling, reskilling and activation measures by examining career development and guidance systems and services for adults. 

You can access the report by clicking 'Resource Link' below.

NCGE with Dr. Petra Elftorp (UL) co-authored one of the six selected papers presented at the event and published in the report (Chapter 4, P56).
The Irish paper is entitled “Lessons learned from monitoring and evaluating person-centred adult educational guidance services in Ireland” 

This paper outlines the existing monitoring and evaluation system in the Irish Adult Educational Guidance Services. Strengths and limitations of the system are presented, and a number of considerations for policy and practice conclude the paper. The authors approach the topic of outcome measurements from the perspective of the Irish model of guidance counselling, which is inherently person-centred and encompasses personal, educational and career guidance counselling. Thus, it is argued that outcome measurements must account for the complexity and contextual nature of career development and lifelong learning, by incorporating both qualitative and quantitative data. A collaborative and inclusive approach to the development of these systems is also advocated for, as it can lead to an efficient system which supports the day to day delivery of the guidance services, while simultaneously building networks, appropriate referral systems, and is inclusive of the “client voice” to inform service delivery and development. 

Further Education & Training, European / International


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EXTERNAL Resources for Guidance Counsellors - Index 2022

This document was collated to support Guidance Counsellors in their approach to Whole School Guidance and to ensure Guidance Counsellors have access to a
variety of external supports.

This document may be appended to the Whole School Guidance plan or may be a ‘standalone’ resource for Guidance Counsellors and other members of staff. Index of external resources available to Guidance Counsellors as summarised in the External Resources for Guidance Counsellors Webinar, March 2022. 

Please note - This document is not final nor exhaustive, it will need to be reviewed regularly.


Post Primary


  1. PDF icon NCGE-PP-External-Resources-Index-2022-EN.pdf
2022 Post-Primary Webinar Series
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External Resources for Guidance Counsellors - March 2022

This webinar built on an earlier webinar from September 2020 by providing Guidance Counsellors with an overview of free resources available for use in one-to-one meetings and classroom guidance.  

An ‘Index’ of resources accompanies this webinar, providing links to all free resources outlined in this session and the webinar from 2020. This includes free resources available from: 

AIB - FutureSparks
Brilliant Pathways
Classroom Guidance


You can access the accompanying presentation below and view the webinar recording on Vimeo by clicking 'Resource Link'.


Post Primary
  1. PDF icon NCGE-External-Resources-Guidance-Counsellors-Mar-2022-EN.pdf
2022 Post-Primary Webinar Series
Resource Link

IGC - National CPD Experience 2022

Please find 2 x presentations below that form part of NCGE / Euroguidance Ireland's input into this experience.

1 - "Funded Opportunities in Europe for Guidance Counsellors" - presented by NCGE and Euroguidance

This presentation:

  • Provides an overview of the landscape of funded opportunities available throughout Europe for Guidance Counsellors.
  • Explores potential project topics and highlight the value of other EU professional development opportunities available throughout Europe that Guidance Counsellors may not be aware of.
  • Advises on the key elements involved in applying for these opportunities.

2 - "Resources for post-primary Guidance Counsellors’’ - an NCGE and Euroguidance Ireland presentation  

This presentation:

  • Highlights a number of resources for post-primary Whole School Guidance planning.
  • Highlights available resources that allow Guidance Counsellors to introduce a European dimension to classroom guidance.
  • Focusses on practical resources that will support classroom guidance (for Junior Cycle and Transition Year students).
  • Provides Guidance Counsellors with information on how to access further support in any aspect of Guidance.

Post Primary, Further Education & Training, European / International

Orla Ní Cheallaigh - NCGE Euroguidance Officer
Carol Guildea - NCGE Post Primary Guidance Programme Coordinator
Mary Stokes - NCGE FET Guidance Programme Coordinator


  1. PDF icon IGC-Workshop-2022-NCGE(1)-Funded-Opportunities-Guidance-Counsellor.pdf
  2. PDF icon IGC-Workshop-2022-NCGE(2)-NCGE-Euroguidance-Resources-Guidance-Counsellors.pdf

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