Whole School Guidance Practical Resources

The following practical resources are intended to be used with NCGE: A Whole School Guidance Framework, to help your school in developing your Whole School Guidance plan. 

To see full explanations on how each resource should be used, please see below.

Table A – Review of Current Activities can be used to review your school’s provision of guidance activities, per the activities relating to the work of the guidance counsellor in all service settings identified in the Department of Education and Skills' Programme Recognition Framework: Guidance Counselling (2016) 

Whole School Guidance Checklist of Current Practice in our school presents individual aspects of the four key aspects to guidance, to examine which of these criteria your school meets at present. 

Form A – Identifying and Outlining Our School’s Provision of Guidance will help you to examine how your school’s programmes are addressing the provision of guidance across the three levels – guidance for all, guidance for some and guidance for a few  

Form B – Reviewing Our School’s Provision of Guidance is a review of your school’s response to Form A and will help you to examine how your school’s programmes are addressing the areas of learning and competences outlined in the Framework. 

Form C – Progressing Our Schools’ Provision of Guidance’ is available both in Junior Cycle and Senior Cycle in three parts corresponding to each Area of Learning and its associated learning outcomes. These forms can be used to examine these learning outcomes from a provision point of view i.e. Is the school making provision for the learning outcomes through guidance learning experiences. 


Monday, December 7, 2020