Setting up a Network of Support (resource)

This resource has 2 x parts

This provides a visual representation of many school based, local and national supports that are available to support Guidance Counsellors in their work with students. 
It is a 'quick reference' guide and will be suitable to hang as a poster in the Guidance Office / Staffroom /on the Wellbeing notice board etc.
A version where you can your own additional local information is also provided.

If you wish to order a hard copy (A2 size) of this poster (for FREE), go to the NCGE Shopify Page HERE

Resource List:
This provides a base template for a detailed list of supports which post-primary Guidance Counsellors / Students may access. 
This list seeks to enhance the work of the Guidance Counsellor as it outlines multiple local and national agencies which specialise in the variety of complex issues experienced by students. Key school supports and international supports are also included. This list may be appended to the Whole School Guidance Plan and/or may be a 'stand alone' document for consultation. This list was revised in October 2021 to include National Disability Supports. 


Wednesday, September 9, 2020