Episode 6: 'A Discussion on Green Guidance' with Dr Peter Plant

June 2022

In this episode of The NCGE Podcast, NCGE Director Jennifer McKenzie is in conversation with Dr Peter Plant of Denmark. A researcher in European projects on guidance, and consultant to the EU-Commission and ELGPN, Peter is a longtime advocate of the vital importance of 'Green Guidance'.

Dr Peter Plant, Prof Emer, has worked in the career guidance field for nearly 50 years, globally, and in particular in the Nordic countries. His research has focused, inter alia, on Workplace Guidance, on 3rd Age Guidance, and on the Voice of Users in Career Guidance. One of his fields is Green Guidance: he advanced this concept first in 1996, and he has followed up ever since on this pressing issue, which is as relevant as ever. Over the years, he has acted as a consultant to governmental committees, and to several European guidance research projects, and to the European Commission, most recently to the European Lifelong Guidance Policy Network, ELGPN. Peter runs an organic farm, and heads several rural development activities and funds in his local area.

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Monday, June 20, 2022