Episode 5: ‘Practical Sociology and Youthreach Advocacy’ with CTC Advocate Rory Gallagher

April 2021

In this episode of The NCGE Podcast, FET Programme Coordinator Mary Stokes speaks with Rory Gallagher, CTC Youth Advocate in Longford Westmeath ETB.

They discuss Rory’s career path from social care to working in a family research centre, to his role as a Youth Advocate, how he employs the MAGIC model (Mentoring, Advice, Guidance, Information and Counselling) with early school leavers, and the parallels and differences in the work of Advocates and that of a Guidance Counsellor.

For further information on areas discussed in this episode, please see: 
Adult Literacy, Numeracy and Digital Literacy 10-Year Strategy for Ireland

THRIVE – Training Hope and Resilience in Vulnerable School Leavers

Rory Gallagher is the Chair of the Northern Region of the National Advocates Network, he has an M.A. in Community Development, an M.A. in Family Support and has previously worked in Social Care, Community Development and Mental Health Services. He has been working as Youth Advocate with Longford Westmeath ETB for the past five years.

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Wednesday, May 5, 2021