The National Centre for Guidance in Education (NCGE) will cease to operate from 1st September 2022. 
The NCGE and its Management Committee, Léargas, the Department of Education, the Department of Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science, Solas and ETBI have been carrying out significant work since earlier this year to prepare for the reorganisation of guidance support. A Transitions Working Group and additional sub-groups have been meeting regularly to co-ordinate the reorganisation.

For further information relating to ongoing and future support in place, click HERE

NCGE - A Whole School Guidance Framework

This Framework is intended to be a resource for schools to support the planning, design and delivery of the whole school guidance programme in line with the requirements of The Education Act (1998), that schools provide students with “access to appropriate guidance to assist them in their educational and career choices” (section 9c). A continuum of support model for the school guidance programme, similar to the school support model of the National Educational Psychological Service (NEPS), is presented in the Framework – guidance for all, guidance for some and guidance for a few.The continuum comprises a whole school approach to guidance through guidance-related learning to individualised supports for students.The Framework identifies three areas of learning to facilitate students’ development in eight areas of competence. The areas of learning include: learning relating to oneself (personal/social development), educational opportunities (educational development) and career decision making (career development).

  • An additional COMPLETED 'WHEEL' poster resource is also available to download in English and in Irish
  • An additional BLANK 'WHEEL' poster template resource is also available to download in English and in Irish
  • You may wish to adapt the text of the poster for your own school and planning purposes. 
    An editable version of the 'WHEEL' poster resource (in ppt format) is also available to download. This can be done by editing the text boxes.

If you wish to order a hard copies of the Framework and accompanying posters (for FREE), go to the NCGE Shopify Page HERE


Tuesday, September 5, 2017