NCGE FET & Careers Portal MyFutures+ Pilot

NCGE’s role includes informing policy and supporting the development of quality guidance practice in the FET sector. In this context the development of useful and meaningful resources to support quality practice is key. Informed by Quality Assurance and Evidence Guidelines of the ELPGN, NCGE supports the development of practitioner competence, service provision and improvement. NCGE also recognises the need for a cost/benefit for individuals and those funding the guidance service. To this end and acknowledging that Careers Portal designed My Futures+ specifically for the adult guidance community NCGE agreed to facilitate Guidance Counsellors in Adult Education and PLC Centres in engaging with a Pilot of ‘MyFutures+’. The Pilot was run as an exercise to ascertain the real world uses of this programme within adult guidance.

The final report of this pilot can be accessed below.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018