Legalities of Digitalised Guidance Counselling

22nd September 2020

This webinar referenced all key contemporary and relevant publications and built on previous webinars by focusing on the legalities involved in digitalised guidance counselling.
The accompanying presentation (accessible below) presents information for Guidance Counsellors on all aspects of digitalised guidance. 

As part of this presentation, the importance of record keeping and guidance planning are emphasised and two additional NCGE resources are showcased to support guidance counsellors with these aspects.
Digitalised Guidance Planning (template)
Record Templates for Guidance Counselling One-to-One Meetings with Students

Please note:
A webinar recording is not available.
This is due to the nature of the webinar. With personal Q&A, scenarios and discussions the content is required to be kept as confidential as possible.
NCGE have added two extra dates onto the CPD schedule for November. This is in order to facilitate those who may have registered their interest in this webinar but were unable to be facilitated to participate.



Tuesday, September 22, 2020