Developing a Confidentiality Policy for Post-Primary Schools

This document has been produced in order to outline how information about students should be treated by those who work in post-primary schools. Some suggestions are made to help schools to clarify how information is treated and to enable school staff to develop relevant policies in that regard. Although particular reference is made to confidentiality in the work of the Guidance Counsellor, emphasis is placed on the adoption of a whole-school approach to the issues.

The complete document contains five sections as follows.

  • General information pertaining to Confidentiality and Consent in Guidance in the school context
  • A sample ‘School Confidentiality Policy’ which may be adjusted for use in post-primary schools.
  • A sample ‘Confidentiality and Consent Checklist’
  • A sample ‘Consent Form to Attend Confidential One to One Guidance Sessions' for parents/guardians
  • A list of references and relevant documents / information

You download the 'templates' as seperate documents; by saving to your device you can then type directly into these templates, or you can delete the prefilled content and print.


Wednesday, February 19, 2020