(Covid-19) Accompanying presentation to​ DES Guidelines & NCGE Information for Schools

This PowerPoint and integrated video present and summarise information contained in the three key documents (below) published in March / April 2020, in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • DES - Continuity of Guidance Counselling-Guidelines for schools providing online support for students.
  • NCGE - Support Information for Guidance Counsellors in Schools (Covid-19 School Closures 2020)
  • Monaghan Education Centre - Supervision: Information for Supervisors and Guidance Counsellors

This resource is intended to provide initial CPD in this area and to reassure guidance counsellors.

Operating a remote guidance service for post-primary students is, in many ways, similar to our ‘normal’ provision of Guidance. All of the same government legislation and policy is relevant as we aim to provide a range of learning experiences for all students, in the three interlinked areas of Guidance. In the provision of remote-Guidance, there are some additional considerations for guidance counsellors to reflect on, discuss and agree with school management.

This presentation provides information for Guidance Counsellors on:

  • Data Protection
  • Targeting Groups
  • Setting up and running online guidance lessons
  • Dealing with student referrals and staff concerns

This resource highlights supports and resources that may be useful to guidance counsellors at this challenging time. In addition, the NCGE and many other bodies are available to support the continuation of your provision of guidance. Please access support as often as you need it.

While this presentation focuses specifically on guidance provision in Post-Primary schools, the concepts and considerations could inform the provision of online guidance counselling in FET settings also.

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Please contact us in NCGE if you have any queries about this presentation or its content - ncgeinfo@ncge.ie

Friday, April 3, 2020