Whole School Guidance Planning (Resources)

This webinar introduced the main policies and guidelines which provide a foundation for whole school guidance.
Two of the whole school guidance planning resources below were showcased during this webinar to support planning during the academic year 2020-2021.
(Click on the resource titles to access / download)

Whole School Guidance Framework 'Wheel'
This 'blank wheel' resource facilitates and supports Whole School Guidance planning in schools.  
Guidance Counsellors can distribute the wheel to subject departments to facilitate thought and reflection on Whole School Guidance.
On clicking the link above a powerpoint slide will be downloaded. In this the 'sections' of the wheel can be edited / typed into prior to sharing.

Digitalised Guidance Template
This template will assist Guidance Counsellers with adjusting their Whole School Guidance Plan to take in the possibility of digitalised Guidance as the year progresses.



Monday, October 5, 2020