AEGS - AGMS - Texting Module Guide

NCGE has been working closely with our IT provider to ensure that the Texting Facility within the AGMS is fully operational for all services. This Texting Facility allows AEGS staff to send texts (via the AGMS), with prior permission of the client already provided. Providing for a ‘cap’ of 500 texts per AEGS, funded for each of the ETB AEGS by NCGE, this extra 500 Texts per service is now available and supports the following:

( i)  Allows AEGS to contact those hard to reach clients who may not have suitable internet access, to provide information and offer continued and additional guidance supports where appropriate.

(ii) Provides a process whereby the client receiving guidance online can provide their noted consent to their data being entered onto the AGMS following the guidance session (in line with GDPR).

NCGE has developed a short guide to using the Text facility within the AGMS and this is available below.

Please note:

SalePulse (the IT provider) have informed NCGE that some queries have come to them regarding some services experiencing difficulty using the texting facility.
Salespulse have informed NCGE that the correct/best browser for the AGMS texting facility is Internet Explorer because the system was built using that browser.
ervices using ‘Edge’ browser will experience difficulties as ‘Edge’ will not generate the pop-up boxes properly.

Monday, March 30, 2020