Whole School Guidance in Action Poster Resources

These 'Whole School Guidance in Action 'posters are a useful resource to display in your staff room /communal area to promote guidance as a Whole School Activity. They provide practical examples of ‘Guidance for All’, ‘Guidance for Some’ and ‘Guidance for a Few’ within the Whole School Guidance Framework for all members of staff within the school community (e.g. ‘I speak to all First Years about ‘what they can expect’ from post-primary school at their Induction day each September’). They also help to identify examples of Whole School Guidance from the perspective of the student (e.g. ‘I talked to my woodwork teacher about what college he went to today’). They can help with guidance planning by bringing awareness of the important contributions made by staff in every school, highlighting how everyone contributes to guidance.

  • 4 x completed posters are provided for download (in Irish and English)
  • Editable PDF versions of 2 of the posters are also provided (in English and Irish) - please download and save before edting,
  • If you wish to order hard copies (A2 size) of these posters (for FREE), go to the NCGE Shopify Page HERE


Friday, September 10, 2021