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Introducing Guidance Related Learning Resources for Junior Cycle

3rd September 2020

Eighteen lessons of Guidance Related Learning for Junior Cycle students have been developed. 
Each lesson contains a comprehensive PowerPoint presentation, a detailed lesson plan and student worksheet. 

These lessons are suitable for use both in the classroom and if students are learning remotely.
This webinar introduced all aspects of these newly developed resources for Junior Cycle Guidance.

You can access the accompanying presentation below and view the webinar recording on Vimeo by clicking the 'Resource Link'

More information and the resources themselves are available directly under this post.

Guidance Related Learning Resources - Junior Cycle

NCGE and are delighted to announce that a suite of innovative and integrated Junior Cycle Guidance Related Learning and teaching resources are NOW available.

  • This content provides three units of learning: a unit for first year, second year and third year (six classes for each year group)

  • Each unit of learning has six lessons.

  • Each lesson includes a lesson plan, presentation and student worksheet and are available in English and Irish.

These new resources have been developed in response to the needs expressed by Guidance Counsellors working in post-primary school. 
The content and structure of these resources has been strongly influenced by stakeholder voice through student and Guidance Counsellor focus groups and engagement on the topic.

Class content includes a focus on 'developing myself,' 'developing my learning' and 'developing my career path' in line with the Whole School Guidance Framework (NCGE, 2017).

Topics presented in the units of learning include (but are not limited to):

  • My School Year
  • My Supports
  • My Goals
  • My Values
  • My Study Skills 
  • My Pathways

You can access these resources directly below. An additional 'Guide to Accessing and Using the Resources' is also provided.
There are 3 x units, one for each Year, contained in individual 'Zip' files. Each file contains 2 x separate folders for the English and Irish content.
Within each language format the resources for the 6 x lessons are provided in separate folders.
If you need any instructions on 'extracting' these files for saving to your computer / device, please click HERE (please note - it may take up to 1 minute to download each file)

If you need any additional support with regard accessing or using these resources please e-mail GRL

NCGE - A Whole School Guidance Framework

This Framework is intended to be a resource for schools to support the planning, design and delivery of the whole school guidance programme in line with the requirements of The Education Act (1998), that schools provide students with “access to appropriate guidance to assist them in their educational and career choices” (section 9c). A continuum of support model for the school guidance programme, similar to the school support model of the National Educational Psychological Service (NEPS), is presented in the Framework – guidance for all, guidance for some and guidance for a few.The continuum comprises a whole school approach to guidance through guidance-related learning to individualised supports for students.The Framework identifies three areas of learning to facilitate students’ development in eight areas of competence. The areas of learning include: learning relating to oneself (personal/social development), educational opportunities (educational development) and career decision making (career development).