Autumn 2020 Webinar Series

Getting Started in your new School: A webinar for newly qualified Guidance Counsellors

21st August 2020

Part of a suite of webinars that the NCGE is delivering regarding phase 1 of returning to school. This phase is concerned with ‘re-entry’ and ‘settling in’.
A wide range of topics on the provision of Guidance in post-primary schools during the academic year 2020/21 are addressed and a large number of pragmatic resources will be introduced and explained within each webinar to support practice around each topic.

This webinar supported Guidance Counsellors who are recently qualified and who will begin to work in post-primary schools in their new role in September 2020.

You can access the accompanying presentation below and view the webinar recording on Vimeo by clicking the 'Resource Link' 
An additional accompanying resource 'Settling in - Slow down to Catch up' is available directly under this post.

'Settling in - Slow down to Catch up'

This resource has been designed to support Guidance Counsellors as they transition into a new position or into a new school.

It may be particularly helpful for:

  • Guidance counsellors who have been newly employed in a post primary school
  • Guidance Counsellors who are newly or recently qualified

In addition, it is a resource that will support general Guidance Practice in post-primary schools as we begin an academic year defined by the uncertainty that accompanies the Covid19 pandemic.Time spent on settling in and planning will yield the best outcomes. This resource will support Guidance Counsellors in their reflection, planning and in their initial conversations with school management.

(Covid-19) 'Dear Me' in August 2020

This resource was designed for use on the last day of the academic year!
It aims to serve as a reference list for the types of things Guidance Counsellors might have on their mind, immediately before closing the office door and leaving for the summer holidays. In using a tool such as this (which is an example), Guidance Counsellors can make a note of all the major and minor ‘to-dos’ that will help them get started upon return to the role at the start of the next academic year. In this way, Guidance Counsellors can truly ‘let go,’ rest and relax over the break, knowing that a reminder note awaits them upon their return.