Vacancies in NCGE

January 2019 

NCGE Guidance Programme Coordinator (Post-Primary & General Policy)

The role requires a level of responsibility of that of Assistant Principal Officer.

The role of the Guidance Programme Coordinator (Post-Primary) is to coordinate and deliver the NCGE programme of support for the development of guidance policy and provision in the Post -Primary School Sector in line with the NCGE Strategic Plan, in partnership with DES, and other relevant governmental departments, organisations and agencies at national level. In addition, the Guidance Programme Coordinator (PP) contributes to NCGE’s national and international projects.

As a member of NCGE staff the role of the Guidance Programme Coordinator (PP), reporting to the Director, will be governed by the priorities of NCGE as agreed with the NCGE Management of Guidance Committee. The Guidance Programme Coordinator (PP) will inform and implement agreed national developments for guidance provision in post-primary schools.

The role requires active liaison, networking, collaboration and cooperation with:  DES and other governmental departments as appropriate; QQI, NCCA, NEPS and other national organisations and agencies; with ETBI, Education Training Boards (ETBs), school management bodies, the IGC, and other representative professional associations. 

Detailed Job Description 

Please note: applications for this role can be made online only (via the link at the end of the page) and require the completion of a detailed application form and the uploading of an up to date CV and cover letter.

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