The National Centre for Guidance in Education (NCGE) will cease to operate from 1st September 2022. 
The NCGE and its Management Committee, Léargas, the Department of Education, the Department of Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science, Solas and ETBI have been carrying out significant work since earlier this year to prepare for the reorganisation of guidance support. A Transitions Working Group and additional sub-groups have been meeting regularly to co-ordinate the reorganisation.

For further information relating to ongoing and future support in place, click HERE

PSI Register of Psychometric Test Use - Guidance Counsellors

The Register supports the implementation of good practice in the use of psychometric testing in the education sector.  It endorses the professional competence of the Guidance Counsellor in the administration of psychometric tests in Ireland and serves the public interest as an Irish Register.  

The Register is supported by signatories of the Agreement with PSI. 

These signatories include;the Directors of Studies in Guidance Counselling courses, the Institute of Guidance Counsellors and the Adult Educational Guidance Association of Ireland.

Who is eligible to join the register ?

  • Guidance counsellors who have completed a Department of Education and Skills (DES) recognised initial education programme in guidance counselling since 1999.
  • Guidance counsellors who qualified prior to 1999 and who have undertaken CPD in psychometric testing since qualification. This CPD includes guidance counsellors who have acquired BPS Level A certification.
  • Guidance counsellors who hold guidance qualifications from outside of the State, on condition that the DoE has approved their qualification (see the Programme Recognition Framework) for working in the education sector.

Guidance counsellors interested in joining this register can access the application form from PSI HERE and can contact the IGC or AGA for more information.

To join the Register there is a once off processing fee of €40.  An annual fee of €20 applies for each additional year.  For guidance counsellors who meet the criteria to join, a Certificate of Psychometric Test Use will be issued to them.  This Certificate is valid for 4 years.  After the 4 year period has passed the guidance counsellor will need to demonstrate that (s)he has participated in CPD in psychometric testing/related area in order to remain eligible to join the Register.

The Psychological Society of Ireland can be contacted directly in relation to this CPD by e-mailing -