Post-Primary Circulars (Relating to Guidance)

September 2020
Advice on the use of assessment instruments/tests for Guidance or for additional and Special Educational Needs (SEN) in post-primary schools

The Department of Education and Skills has published Circular Letter 0067/20 "Advice on the use of assessment instruments/tests for Guidance or for additional and special educational needs (SEN) in post-primary schools".
This revises Circular 0058/2019 and has been informed by the work of the Advisory Committee on Psychometric Testing.

The Circular highlights good practice in relation to the selection, administration, interpretation and retention of assessment related information and the provision of feedback to students.

It can be accessed below:

Circular Letter 0067/20 - EN
Circular Letter 0067/20 - GA

Additional note
Per page1 of the Circular Letter
Schools should also consider any possible impact that Covid-19 related school closures may have on student performance and their wellbeing, and on their test scores in terms of regression and reliability. For this reason it is recommended that schools allow students to settle back into school and not to administer psychometric assessments  until after the October mid-term break in 2020/21. For the purposes of RACE applications only, schools are advised to await closing dates from the SEC and adapt the timing of the assessment practice accordingly.


July 2020
COVID-19 operational supports for the full return to school 

The purpose of this circular is to provide details of the Covid-19 operational supports that will be made available to post primary schools to fully and safely reopen in a sustainable way while minimising risk associated with COVID-19. This circular should be read in conjunction with the Department’s document ‘The Roadmap for the full Return to School’ and associated guidance in relation to logistical, curricular and wellbeing arrangements that have been put in place following consultation with the Education Partners, and are underpinned by the Return to Work Safely protocol, and public health advice for the safe reopening of schools.

Circular 0046/2020

February 2020
DES Approved Allocation of Teaching Posts, School Year - 2020/2021

The Department of Education and Skills (DES) has issued circulars outlining the approved allocation of teaching posts for the 2020/2021 school year

These circulars can be accessed directly on the Department of Education and Skills website ( via the links below.

Circular 0013/2020 Voluntary Secondary Schools

Circular 0014/2020 Community & Comprehensive Schools

Circular 0015/2020 Education and Training Boards


- Details regarding the DES approved relevant guidance allocation is on Page 3 of each document - The table presents the PTR reduction to restore guidance provision.

- Appendix 3 provides additional information on guidance provision in post-primary schools.

Teacher Recruitment Registration and Qualifications (2011)

Circular 0031/2011