The National Centre for Guidance in Education (NCGE) will cease to operate from 1st September 2022. 
The NCGE and its Management Committee, Léargas, the Department of Education, the Department of Further and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science, Solas and ETBI have been carrying out significant work since earlier this year to prepare for the reorganisation of guidance support. A Transitions Working Group and additional sub-groups have been meeting regularly to co-ordinate the reorganisation.

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Post-Primary (Policy)

Education Act 1998

9(c)'A school shall use its available resources to ensure that students have access to appropriate guidance to assist them in their educational and career choices, and 9(d) 'Promote the moral, spiritual, social and personal development of students and provide health education for them, in consultation with their parents, having regard to the characteristic spirit of the school.' 

Guidelines for Second Level Schools on the Implications of Section 9 (c) of the Education Act 1998, relating to students' access to appropriate guidance (2005)

This document aims to set out the implications for schools of the provisions in the Education Act 1998 relating to guidance. It is prepared for school managements, guidance counsellors and staff and also for a wide variety of education partners, most importantly, parents and students.

Framework for Considering Provision of Guidance in Post Primary Schools (2017)

This framework document provides guidance for school management in the allocation of teaching hours to guidance counselling in post-primary schools.

2012/2013  Review of Guidance Counselling provision in second level schools 

Commissioned by the DES and the NCGE Management of Guidance Committee.

Research on the Practice of Counselling by Guidance Counsellors in Post-Primary Schools (2011)

The Department of Education and Skills and NCGE commissioned Dr Claire Hayes and Professor Mark Morgan to undertake this research in 2009.

In response to the recommendations of the research, the Department of Education and Skills issued a statement which clarifies and outlines the required work of NCGE. Read full report

Looking at Guidance (2009)

'Looking at Guidance' analyses and synthesises the findings of fifty-five reports on DES inspections of Guidance carried out from September 2006 to May 2007 in a range of post-primary schools.

Review of Guidance in Second-level Schools (2006)

This report is based on the findings from the four strands of a “top to bottom” review of guidance in second level schools in Ireland, carried out between the autumn of 2003 and the spring of 2005.

Planning the School Guidance Programme (2004)

The purpose of this document is to provide schools and all interested parties with a comprehensive aid to understanding, developing and implementing a school's guidance plan.
This publication supersedes the 1996 Guidelines for the Practice of Guidance and Counselling in Schools.