Further Education and Training (Policy)

Further Education and Training Strategy, 2014-2019

Section 10 of this Strategy 'Guidance and FET' outlines the strategic vision for FET Information and Guidance provision. 

Adult Educational Guidance Services

DES AEGI Operational Guidelines (2012)

Guidelines for the Integration of Contracted Guidance Staff within the Adult Educational Guidance Initiative (AEGI) (2014)

Guidelines on the Provision of Adult Educational Guidance Services to clients aged between 16 and 17 years old (2014)

Adult Literacy

Adult Literacy Operational Guidelines (2012)

Back to Education Initiative

BTEI Operational Guidelines (2012)

Community Education

Community Education Operational Guidelines (2012)


Key Area Guidelines - IVEA Intensive Tuition in Adult Basic Education Guidelines (2012)

White Paper on Adult Education – Learning for Life (2000

The issues facing the following areas of adult education in Ireland in the era of lifelong learning were examined in a white paper:
(1) second chance and further education; (2) community education; (3) workplace education; and (4) higher education.