Programme Recognition Framework

March 2016: The Department of Education and Skills has published a Programme Recognition Framework (PRF). The Framework sets out criteria and guidelines for providers of initial education programmes in guidance counselling who intend that their programme graduates will work in guidance services under the remit of the Department.

The criteria presented in the PRF has drawn on, and been informed by, the knowledge base from within Ireland and beyond.  The DES engaged in an extensive consultation process with stakeholders. Submissions received informed the further development and refinement of the PRF.  The PRF takes effect from 2018 and programme providers will need to ensure that their programmes meet the criteria and requirements as presented.

NCGE welcomes the publication of the PRF. It is the first time that such detailed criteria re the nature and scope of initial education programmes in guidance counselling has been set out. It is envisaged that the criteria and guidelines for programme providers will facilitate the higher education institutions in continuing to deliver programmes of a high quality standard which equip their graduates to lead, plan, deliver, review and evaluate the guidance service they offer to young people and adults.

Download the report:

English version
Irish versionáin/Tuarascálacha-Oideachais/An-Creat-um-Aitheantas-Clar-An-Treoirchomhairliu.pdf