Education Act 1998 9(c) A school shall use its available resources to ensure that students have access to appropriate guidance to assist them in their educational and career choices, and 9(d) Promote the moral, spiritual, social and personal development of students and provide health education for them, in consultation with their parents, having regard to the characteristic spirit of the school. Read Full Report

Guidelines for Second Level Schools on the Implications of Section 9 (c) of the Education Act 1998, relating to students' access to appropriate guidance (2005). Read Full Report

White Paper on Adult Education – Learning for Life (2000) The issues facing the following areas of adult education in Ireland in the era of lifelong learning were examined in a white paper: (1) second chance and further education; (2) community education; (3) workplace education; and (4) higher education. Read Full Report (PDF 727 kb)

Planning the School Guidance Programme (2004) The purpose of this document is to provide schools and all interested parties with a comprehensive aid to understanding, developing and implementing a school's guidance plan. This publication supersedes the 1996 Guidelines for the Practice of Guidance and Counselling in Schools. Read Full Report


Guidance for Life: An Integrated Framework for Lifelong Guidance in Ireland (2007) was the final report of the National Guidance Forum 2004 - 2006. During its term the National Guidance Forum agreed a common vision and definition of guidance for Ireland across the education, labour market and community sectors. For more information and to download complete reports please see the National Guidance Forum website.

Looking at Guidance (2009). Looking at Guidance analyses and synthesises the findings of fifty-five reports on DES inspections of Guidance carried out from September 2006 to May 2007 in a range of post-primary schools. Read Full Report

Review of Guidance in Second-level Schools (2006). Read Full Report

Guidelines for the Practice of Guidance and Counselling in Schools (1996) This is a policy document of the Department of Education which was finalised by NCGE. It sets out a clear framework for the provision of guidance in second level schools, outlines the roles of significant persons in the guidance process in schools and provides detailed descriptions of the responsibilities of the guidance counsellor, school management and the Department of Education and Science. Read Full Report

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