Issue 48, Autumn/Winter 2017


The Autumn / Winter issue of NCGE News is now available, ar fáil freisin as Gaeilge

This edition, in part, reflects the theme of ‘Diversity’ discussed at our recent National Forum on Guidance (18th October 2017).
The feature article is 'Guidance with young people from migrant backgrounds'.
There are also articles on:
  • A Day in the Life of a CTC Advocate
  • Euroguidance: 25 years supporting Learning Mobility in Europe
  • The European Lifelong Guidance Conference
  • Supporting Adults with Dyslexia

.......and much more


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Issue 47, Summer 2017


The Summer issue of NCGE News is now available. Our first edition that is now also published as Gaeilge. There has been even more activity than usual in NCGE since our last issue. So please take some time to view or download your copy by clicking on the image to the right. NCGE News is a great way of sharing examples of good practice, so do let us know if you feel colleagues may be interested in hearing about your own practice methods or research that we can include in future issues. e-mail:

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Issue 46, Autumn 2016

There is an underlying theme of transitions within the various articles this Autumn. Whether it is about supporting students transitioning into third level or developing new activities for education and guidance professionals to ensure quality provision, it is an important area of work. We are delighted, also, to showcase some interesting examples of post-graduate research from DCU students as well as examples of practice from around Europe. Click on the cover image to download Issue 46. 

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Issue 45, Summer 2016

Spring has sprung and with it comes the Summer edition of NCGE News. To celebrate the change in seasons we have come up with a colourful re-design of the magazine. We'd love to hear what you think about it. This issue is filled with conversation-starters, particularly the Research section which explores the benefits of evidence-based research to the guidance community. Click on the cover image to download Issue 45.

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Issue 44, Autumn 2015

The role of CPD in shaping lifelong guidance practice is the focus of this Winter's issue of NCGE News. What exactly do we mean by CPD? Why do we need it? How can we use it to best support our practice? Read on to find out how we deal with these questions.

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Issue 43, Summer 2015

In this Summer issue we focus on the general vision of NCGE - leading and shaping guidance practice. We look at a range of different activities and supports to show just how relevant these areas are to your work, including:

  • EU initiatives to support citizens to learn and work across Europe.
  • Online handbooks and guidelines to support your work in school or adult guidance.
  • The focus on employability and skills development in Higher Education careers services.
  • Meetings of EU Member States to focus on the development of guidance policies

This content cannot be downloaded, if there is any particular article you would like to access please e-mail and we will forward to you.