National Forum on Guidance - Second Meeting 2017

The second meeting of the National Forum on Guidance 2017 was held on Wednesday 18th of October in The Clock Tower, Department of Education and Skills. At The Forum, representatives from a cross section of guidance sectors met to listen to presentations and discuss the theme of 'Addressing the challenge of diversity for guidance'.

The agenda for the day is available to view or download HERE

The 'Summary of Discussion' full document can be downloaded HERE

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Opening the Forum meeting Jennifer McKenzie, Director of NCGE, outlined the National context, referring particularly to Goal 1 of the DES Action Plan for Education 2017: 

"Improve the learning experience and the success of learners: Enhance well-being in our school communities - Fostering the personal development, health and well-being of learners and the wider school community helps to ensure that our children and young people develop resilience, have respect for diversity, learn to create and maintain supportive relationships and become active and responsible citizens in society."

Diversity and Inclusion in Practice - from Education to the Workplace. 
Sandra Healy, Head of Diversity and Inclusion at Dublin City University.

‘Issues and challenges on our journey through education towards employment’. 
The experience of young people from migrant and minority ethnic backgrounds.
Jessica Farnan, Manager of the CDETB Separated Children’s Service and Ahmed Mansour, The 110% Project.

Dyslexia & Impacts.
Michelle Kinsella, Development and Support Officer (Adult Services) DAI and Donald Ewing, Head Psychologist at DAI.

Supporting LGBTI+ Students.
Carol-Anne O’Brien, Director of Advocacy BeLonG To.

Before the formal proceedings got underway participants were asked to note one thing about themselves that it was likely no one else would know. Below are some samples.

Some additional 'prompt' videos

Below are  links to some useful related resources hosted on the 'NCGE School Guidance Handbook'

Dyslexia: How the Guidance Counsellor can support the student with dyslexia

Career Matters: Evidence and Implications for Gender and Equality

Supporting Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Students: The role of Guidance Counsellors

Supporting Refugee Students Transition to and Progress in Post-primary School

Being LGBT in School