The National Forum on Guidance (NFG) met on 19th October 2016 in the Clock Tower, Department of Education and Skills. Attendees included representatives from AHECS, IGC, AEGAI, PLC guidance provision, DSP, DES, Job Centres, LES, Intreo, NEPS, AHEAD, Careersportal, Youth Information Service, QQI, ETBI, Léargas, Youthreach, AONTAS and NAPD.

At the last meeting in May 2016, it was agreed that the NFG would promote to the Regional Skills Fora and the Dept. of Education and Skills, that there would be representation for guidance at the Regional Skills Fora nationally. In this regard, it was timely to discuss the benefits and requirements of networking and representation in and for guidance.

Presentations with opportunities for questions and answers were followed by facilitated group discussions and feedback session.

Presentations included:

1. Guide+: A European Project Piloting Localised Training Modules for Guidance Practitioners
Presenter: Julie McCafferty, European Projects Manager, Ballymun Job Centre

2. Regional Skills Forum (RSF) Dublin
Presenter: Natasha Kinsella, Regional Skills Forum Manager, Dublin

3. Networking Locally, Nationally and Europe-wide
Presenter: Jennifer McKenzie, Director, NCGE

Group discussions were facilitated to discuss the following 4 questions:

1. What local guidance-related networks are you involved in in your area (formal & informal)?

2. What can we (i.e. NFG and you) do to improve networking and co-operation at local and national level?

3. What information could be generated locally to inform RSF? How do we feedback this information to the RSF?

4. Who should the RSF Managers engage with or contact regionally?

Agreed outcome of discussions:

In the final discussion representation for guidance at local, regional and national level was considered. The RSF Manager for Dublin suggested that it might be more appropriate for guidance representation to be sought at local RSF level in relation to specific issues and/or sub-sectors and that she had initial discussions with her RSF colleagues in this regard.

It was agreed by those attending that, as there are several representative bodies for guidance providers across the country, it would be most beneficial if the RSF at regional level were made aware of who these representative bodies are, and how to contact them directly.

It was agreed that NCGE would develop such a document to provide to the RSF manager for Dublin, with the request to forward on this information to her RSF colleagues (available also on


The agenda for the meeting is available for download here.


The report on discussions at the second meeting of 2016 is available for download here.

Information for Regional Skills Fora is available for download here.