National Forum on Guidance Second Meeting 2015

The second meeting of the National Forum on Guidance 2015 was held on Thursday, 3rd December in The Clock Tower, Department of Education and Skills. Continuing the theme of Lifelong Guidance - Building the Evidence Base, the meeting also marked the launch of three new ELGPN publications by Dr. Raimo Vourinen, who presented these final ELGPN tools to DES representative Breda Naughton. The tools (see links below) provide guidelines and reference framework resources to help member states to review national, regional and local guidance policies and practice.

Both Jennifer McKenzie, Director of NCGE, and Dr Vuorinen focussed on the work that has been achieved to date during Ireland’s full status membership of the ELGPN and the Network’s focussed work programme.

NCGE announced that, in order to continue the work described in ELGPN tool No. 5 of quality assurance and evidence based-policy and systems development, it seeks to establish a working group from Forum members to focus on and establish QAE guidelines at national level in order to reflect requirements in the Irish context.

Facilitated group discussions of those present provided an opportunity for members to reflect on how the three tools – CMS, QAE and Guidelines - could be used, from local to regional to national level.

In the final Feedback plenary discussion, the members reflected on the following key points that had arisen at the table discussion on how the tools would support practice and inform guidance related policies:

  • These tools could provide the framework for the National infrastructure of inter-departmental collaboration and the development of a national guidance strategy.
  • A dissemination of the tools and implementation of strategy is a vital next step, i.e. to use these documents/tools to increase awareness and understanding of Lifelong Guidance.
  • These tools would support a clarification and a national role definition for guidance.
  • Data gathering on and for guidance is clearly essential and should be collated at local, regional and national level.
  • We should not lose sight of the client at the centre of our work

NCGE closed proceedings by thanking those organisations who have participated and contributed to the Forum discussions to date and clarified that, with the support of the Department of Education and Skills, the National Forum on Guidance will continue into 2016.

Forum representatives are encouraged to complete the survey (see link below) to inform planning for future Forum meetings and activities.


The agenda for the meeting is available for download here.


ELGPN Tools No. 4: Designing and Implementing Policies Related Career Management Skills
ELGPN Tools No. 5: Strengthening the Quality Assurance and Evidence-Base for Lifelong Guidance
ELGPN Tools No. 6: Guidelines for Policies and SystemsDevelopment for Lifelong Guidance


Jennifer McKenzie, Director NCGE: Testing the European Resource Kit in Ireland: Developments since 2013
Dr. Raimo Vourinen, Coordinator ELGPN: Launch of ELGPN publications 2015


ELGPN Guidelines (PDF)
Plenary Feedback from Discussions at the NFG 3 Dec 2015 (PDF)