National Forum on Guidance Second meeting of 2013

NCGE hosted the second meeting of the National Forum on Guidance 2013-14 in the Clock Tower of the Department of Education and Skills on Wednesday 16th October. This second meeting followed the National conference on Guidance: Lifelong Guidance Building the Evidence Base, on March 1st last, where Minister Ruairí Quinn launched the process of testing the European Resource Kit in the Irish context.

The meeting consisted largely of workshops based on the testing of the European Resource Kit, which has been developed by the ELGPN. Follow these links for more information on the ELGPN and Testing the Resource Kit.

Focused on the quality elements of the QAE framework and identifying and planning for supporting the development of CMS for the future - the facilitated workshops and group discussions provided the chance for participants from all sectors to share information and compare and contrast guidance provision in a structured way.  The groups were also encouraged to consider how they, in each of their own sectors, can begin to work collaboratively on an inter-agency and intra-agency basis.

Presentations to download:

Jennifer McKenzie: Welcome and Introduction

Dave Kilmartin: Setting the scene... What should we think about now?

Jennifer McKenzie and Dave Kilmartin

Pictured: Dave Kilmartin, Head of DIT's Career Development Centre, and Jennifer McKenizie, Director NCGE - who presented at the meeting and facilitated the workshops.