Launch of NCGE - A Whole School Guidance Framework

Welcoming the launch Minister Bruton said:
"This framework is the product of continuing work in the area of School Guidance undertaken by my Department. The Action Plan for education 2017, launched  in February, committed to finalising the NCGE Career & Learning Development Framework for Whole School Guidance by the end of Quarter 4 2017. This delivery is therefore ahead of schedule, and highlights the importance and urgency of developing a whole school approach for guidance delivery in Irish education. I would like to thank NCGE and the relevant consultative bodies for the work undertaken and I look forward to schools implementing the framework over the course of the academic year to come."
The Framework was developed over a three year timeframe and was informed by similar frameworks published internationally. It follows a public consultation process from late 2016, ministerial review, and receipt of commentary from other stakeholders including employer organisations.
Areas of learning for students highlighted in the framework include:
• Developing & maintaining self-esteem & a positive self-concept
• Interacting effectively with others (face-to-face & online)
• Developing & growing throughout life
• Employing effective personal learning/exam strategies
• Making educational choices in line with career aspirations
• Using career related information & sources appropriately
• Understanding the world of work & life roles
• Managing career development & decision making
Speaking at today’s launch, Jennifer Mc Kenzie, Director NCGE said:
‘The aim of the guidance programme in schools is to help students to develop an awareness of themselves and their interests, so that they can learn to make choices for their future education, career and indeed life plans. It’s not just about choosing a list of college courses.  Guidance in schools is offered on an individual or group basis as part of a developmental learning process and at moments of personal crisis.  Guidance Counselling may include personal counselling, educational counselling, career counselling and very often combinations of these. NCGE intends that this framework will support the work already being done by qualified school guidance counsellors and indeed all school staff, in these areas. The framework re-enforces the key understanding that guidance provision in schools is ‘whole school’. This involves collective and collaborative action to develop student learning, behaviour and wellbeing, and the conditions that support these.’
Speaking at today’s launch, Beatrice Dooley, Vice President IGC said:
“The IGC were delighted to be involved in this process and particularly appreciated the opportunity to consult with our membership on the content of this document. We would like to commend Jennifer McKenzie for her excellent chairing of a diverse group of stakeholders including representatives from NCCA, NEPS, NAPD, the Directors of Guidance Counselling courses, the Inspectorate, the IGC and NCGE. We look forward to future collaborations of this kind where the stakeholders in guidance and counselling can inform and support each other in the pursuit of common goals.”    
Speaking at today’s launch, Clive Byrne, Director NAPD said:
“The launch of the Whole School  Guidance Framework today  coming as it does with the additional guidance resources granted to schools from September will add to the supports available to students and emphasise the important role of the guidance counsellor in the lives of our students as they grow and develop through school.  The areas of learning in the framework place student wellbeing and welfare centre stage and the role of the guidance counsellor in meeting the college, career, personal and pastoral needs of the individual pupil is valued and appreciated by school leaders. Close collaboration between school leader and  guidance counsellor will ensure a positive school climate and make for well-adjusted and focused school leavers. In drawing up the framework the NCGE consulted widely with stakeholders. NAPD appreciated the opportunity to  participate in the NCGE  working group and to feed into the finished product and acknowledges NCGE’s intention to review after three years thus refreshing the Framework as necessary in the light of changing school or societal circumstances.