FET News

February 2019

AGMS Consulations 

In NCGE’s work on the redevelopment of the Adult Guidance Management System for the AEGS, during November 2018 we hosted 2 national consultation days (in Mullingar and in Dublin) . 90 members of staff including Directors of FET, Adult Education Officers and staff of the Adult Education Guidance Services gathered for two facilitated days of presentations and discussions focusing on considerations for the development of the AGMS in support of FET guidance services and planning for ETB FET guidance services into the future.

NCGE have been discussing the necessary developments to that system in the emerging FET Guidance context, considering the very significant issues of the roles and responsibilities, legal issues and necessary agreements attached to gathering data (in light of GDPR obligations) and looking at ways to gather evidence of the value and impact of FET Guidance.

These two Consultation Days were the start point in a process that will take time and will be informed by Guidance services on the ground, service users and clients in collaboration and consultation with ETB management and with SOLAS oversight.

Below is a summary report outlining the key issues and questions highlighted through the initial consultations.

Facilitator’s summary re National Consultation Meetings held in November 2018 regarding the development of a new Adult Guidance Management System (AGMS)

Chris Chapman : The Change Exploratory

The consultation meetings proved very useful to both help define key characteristics for a new system and also the process by which a new system is developed

From a stakeholder's perspective, key issues highlighted that will need further definition and agreement nationally include:

  • a 'purpose statement' for the new system (acknowledging both that the system will have to meet needs at a variety of levels and that it will need to have the capacity to evolve over time)
  • a policy in relation to confidentiality, GDPR and communications with service users
  • a quality assurance policy that ensures consistency and user-friendliness
  • definition (updating) of categories
  • links between AEGI's and to other systems

In terms of the process of getting from 'here to there', there are key questions requiring attention in relation to:

  • archiving
  • formalising of interim agreements and necessary interim arrangements (including one common GDPR form)
  • training
  • timescales for development (i.e. a project management plan)
  • ongoing communications / consultations with stakeholders

The success of a new system will be dependent on it being:

  • Client-centred
  • Quality assured
  • Able to combine qualitative and quantitative data
  • Able to meet the needs of a variety of stakeholders
  • Able to link intelligently with other systems

To be successful, it is also clear the development process will need to be transparent, offer opportunities for continuing consultation and attend to interim issues in relation to GDPR and confidentiality.

The full report on the consultation meetings will be used by the Working Group overseeing development of the project.