FET News

December 2018

GDPR Webinar:

On October 5th, NCGE FET Guidance hosted a Webinar for 45 participants from AEG services regarding the AGMS and general GDPR issues with Hugh Jones (Sytorus).

In May 2018 the Irish and European Data Protection landscape changed significantly following the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the set of data management obligations which is currently in effect across the entire European region. These regulations have implications for Adult Education Guidance Services, particularly in relation to the Adult Guidance Management Service database (AGMS). In the context of the development of FET wide Guidance service provision, and with the understanding that the existing AGMS is currently under review and redevelopment this webinar provides a brief overview of the Regulation, the Data Management principles of the Regulation, its impact and the rights of the Data Subject.

As part of NCGE work on FET Guidance Data Gathering, we intend to develop appropriate GDPR Guidelines for all Guidance Services in the ETB FET context; this webinar was intended to inform current and ongoing use of the AEGI AGMS database in the context of GDPR compliance.

The Webinar was hosted by NCGE FET Programme Coordinator Mary Stokes, and Hugh Jones, co-founder of Data Protection specialists Sytorus.

You can view the webinar HERE

AGMS Consulations 

In NCGE’s work on the redevelopment of the Adult Guidance Management System for the AEGS, we hosted 2 National Consultation days in Mullingar and in Dublin during November. 90 members of staff from Directors of FET, Adult Education Officers and staff of the Adult Education Guidance Services gathered for two facilitated days of presentations, and discussions focusing on the considerations of the development of the AGMS to support FET guidance services and planning for ETB FET guidance services into the future.

As acknowledged during 2017/18 Transnational Cooperation Activity (TCA) on the Development of Evidence Based Practice in Guidance Services in Schools hosted by the Post Primary Progamme Coordinator for NCGE (Final report https://www.ncge.ie/ncge/DublinTCA)   the Adult Education Guidance Initiative model of data gathering (Adult Guidance Management System AGMS), provides an excellent ‘template’ upon which to base an evidence based, client centred data gathering system for Guidance provision in FET.

NCGE have been discussing the necessary developments to that system in the emerging FET Guidance context, considering the very significant issues of the roles and responsibilities, legal issues and necessary agreements attached to gathering data in the light of GDPR considerations and looking at ways to gather evidence of the value and impact of FET Guidance.

These two Consultation Days are the start point in a process that will take time, and if it is to be as effective as the AEGI AGMS model, a process that will be informed by Guidance services on the ground, service users and clients in collaboration and consultation with ETB management and with SOLAS oversight.

AEGAI - 'Every Step of the Way'

NCGE were delighted to hear the real benefit of guidance from clients own stories at the launch of the AEGAI booklet 'Every Step of the Way' on the 27th of November. Showcasing that guidance impacts the individual, their families and the wider community. Congratulations to all.