FET News

August 2020

Ongoing engagement with the wider world of FET

Further Education Support Service (FESS)

FESS has put together a calendar of events for Autumn/Winter 2020 to support those working in the FET environment in DES funded providers.
See - https://fess.ie/professional-development/cpd-calendar

NALA ‘Check In Take Off’ Project

NCGE are delighted to support the National Adult Literacy Association in their Erasmus+ Check In Take Off Project. This project seeks to develop a ‘SkillsChecker’ that enables a person to independently carry out an initial assessment of their literacy, numeracy and digital skills. The project proposes that the skill checker may orientate the individual to their options regarding a flexible learning opportunity as well as recognising their prior skills while providing further pathways. The CITO App, as developed currently, is a prototype and has been developed for a number of field trials with 100 learners in Ireland, Norway and Malta later in 2020. This project aims to:

  • To develop a learner's agency to engage in a learning experience.
  • To create an environment that builds the confidence of the learner by acknowledging the skills that they already have.
  • To motivate the learner to take the next step in achieving their goal.

NCGE look forward to collaborating with NALA on this CITO project to promote learners awareness of ETB Adult Guidance Services and to support provision of appropriate, up to date and professional Guidance and Information support. NCGE continue to work to further integrate professional Guidance provision for the learner.

NCGE recommend that Adult Guidance Services remain informed of NALA events and register to attend where appropriate. NCGE hope to announce soon a collaborative CPD project with NALA to provide dedicated reciprocal ETB FET Guidance Webinars. 

NCGE engaging, collaborating and promoting guidance related efforts from FESS/AONTAS/AHEAD

While emphasising the significant challenges of time management for all FET Guidance practitioners, NCGE recommend that FET Guidance Counsellors, Guidance Information Officers and FET Guidance practitioners remain informed and aware of online events and developments from within their ETB, but also online training opportunities provided by organisations relevant to their practice. This is important in order to ensure that FET Guidance continues to be actively engaged in any such training / discussions while remaining up-to-date with developments and availing of useful CPD.

AONTAS continue to offer weekly webinars for their members who include learners and providers across Community Education. NCGE were pleased to deliver a ‘Guidance Awareness’ presentation to the AONTAS Members webinar and to encourage participation in ongoing AONTAS online and blended events, including the online launch of ‘The Adult Learner 2020’ on September 23rd.
Further info on AONTAS events is available here: https://www.aontas.com/events/

AHEAD are currently offering their ‘Building the Future’ programme online for 2020. This longstanding programme focuses on providing job seeking and career supports for students and third level graduates with disabilities. NCGE has engaged with AHEAD to provide ‘Guidance Awareness Information’ and contacts for existing professional FET Guidance and Information support for inclusion in the numerous clinics, workshops, and career related events that will be available through to 28th August.
See - https://www.ahead.ie/buildingthefuture