Career Learning and Development Resource Framework


The Career Learning & Development (CL&D) Resource Framework is intended to be an optional resource to support schools in planning and delivering Whole School Guidance.  The CL&D Resource Framework presents a continuum of support model for the whole school guidance programme and sets out three areas of learning to facilitate post primary students’ development of eight areas of competence throughout their education. 

NCGE invited organisations and individuals to make submissions on the resource framework through Survey Monkey from 24th October 2016 until 10am 21st November 2016.  Eight submissions were received by this date.  A further 24 hours was granted to the IGC to facilitate it in making a submission.  Five guidance counsellors made a submission during this time. The submission date was further extended on request by the Department of Education and Skills until 9th December.  An additional four submissions were received by this date. 

A number of organisations nationally and internationally provided feedback by email.  NCGE will review and take this feedback into consideration as appropriate.

The submissions will contribute to the further development and refinement of the CL&D Resource Framework.  Once finalised, NCGE intends to develop templates and resources to support schools in using the optional resource in the planning and delivery of Whole School Guidance.


Received between 24th October, 2016 and 10 am on 21st November, 2016:

Con Trust
Eileen Dwyer and Sinead Hearne, NEPS
Dr Lucy Hearne, University of Limerick
Brian Wall, St Mary's College
Agata Western, PSI
No Name on response

Received following a 24-hour extension to facilitate input from IGC:

Brian Comerford, Classroom Guidance Ltd
Kathryn Daly, Douglas Community School
Mary Egan
Sarah Jane Gunn
Justin McGree

Received following further extension of the deadline to 9th December, following a request by the Department of Education and Skills:

John Carton, Careers Portals
John Irwin, ACCS
Michael Redmond, JMB