Adult and Community Education

Guidance in Adult Literacy and Community Education
Department of Education guidelines state that guidance should be a key aspect of Adult Literacy and Community Education programmes and should be available at all stages, including pre-entry and pre exit stages, on an integrated basis. The Adult Educational Guidance Service (AEGS) provides personal, educational and vocational guidance, which supports learners to make informed decisions about course choice and certification (if required), progression plans, recognition of prior learning etc. Guidance in Back To Education Initiatives (BTEI) may be formal and non formal.

Guidance in VTOS
Guidance in the Vocational Training Opportunities Scheme (VTOS) is provided by either the local AEGI service or the CFE based guidance counsellor. Eligible participants are offered the chance to return to full-time education and training while retaining their social welfare benefits

Guidance in ITABE
Participants on Intensive Tuition in Adult Basic Education (ITABE) programmes can avail of guidance provided by the local AEGI service.