Post Primary Education

Planning the School Guidance Programme

I am very pleased to present this publication Planning the School Guidance Programme which has been prepared in the light of the requirements of sections 9 (c) and 21 of the Education Act 1998. The publication will assist schools greatly in developing their guidance plan as part of the overall School Plan. The writing of Planning the School Guidance Programme was co-ordinated by the National Centre for Guidance in Education, with inputs from the relevant stakeholders. I am most grateful to all who contributed to this work for their effort and commitment to the task.


A guide for post-primary schools in developing a policy for the use of assessment instruments (including tests and web-based resources)

The aim of this guide is to facilitate school management and staff in developing a policy on the use of assessment instruments in schools.  Assessment instruments include achievement/attainment, ability and diagnostic tests.  


Dealing with Ethical Dilemmas in Guidance Counselling

This article offers a practical tool to support guidance counsellors in their responsibility to manage ethical aspects of their work. That tool consists of a procedure to formalise the making of ethical decisions. First, the nature of a profession and issues of statutory regulation are considered. Next, the nature of codes of ethics, and the desirability of a formal process for making ethical decisions, are discussed.