Post Primary Education

Immigration and Residency in Ireland: An Overview for Education Providers

Ireland has become a very diverse society over the past decade – Census 2016 showed that 180 distinct countries were recorded as a country of origin for non -Irish immigrants in the year to April 2016. The status, rights and entitlements of the diverse student population are complex and this article will provide an overview for guidance counsellors and school management on the rights and entitlements of this diverse student population.

Programme Recognition Framework: Guidance Counselling Criteria and Guidelines for Programme Provider

The Department of Education and Skills has published a Programme Recognition Framework (PRF) which sets out criteria and guidelines for providers of initial education programmes in guidance counselling who intend that their programme graduates will work in guidance services under the remit of the Department.


Survey on the Continuing Professional Development needs of guidance counsellors in secondary schools

Report on the Findings. Published May, 2014.

NCGE conducted a survey of the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) needs of guidance counsellors in second level schools in March, 2014. The aim of the survey was to establish the needs of guidance counsellors in relation to CPD and to establish the best modes and delivery timeframes for CPD.